15 days in the Peloponnese

Your soul will be delighted

Featuring some of the most beautiful mountains in the country, impressive beaches, Venetian castles and an incomparable wealth of archeological sites among others, the Peloponnese is the epitome of pluralism.

This variety that no other place in Greece offers in combination with an excellent road network as a whole, make the Moria peninsula the ideal destination for a well-designed road trip.

A fortnight in the Peloponnese will embrace the soul of every traveler and will justify his choice to spend time in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

With two weeks at our disposal it would be a shame not to go through all seven prefectures so that we can combine the beauties of the Continental Peloponnese with those of the coast.

Prefecture of Corinth

Nemea, Ziria, Loutraki,  Xylokastro, Corinth



The very convenient proximity of the Prefecture of Corinth to Central Greece means that our journey will begin in one of the places that played an important role in the ancient world.

A few kilometers away from Corinth, Ancient Corinth is located with its archeological site taking us back to the days of prosperity of the city that competed with those of Ancient Athens and Sparta.

And for the castle lovers, the largest castle of the Peloponnese, Acrocorinth stands a little higher. Built at an altitude of 575 meters with a dazzling view since the Corinthian land stretches in front of it and Central Greece opposite.

On the second day the trip turns into a wine tasting seminarwith a tour of Nemea, the region of the largest red wine production in the country. With many wineries to visit and even the possibility of staying in some of them, seize the opportunity to experience up close how wine is created.

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 38 minutes of driving

Prefecture of Argolis

Nafplio, Tolo, Epidaurus, Hermioni- Porto Cheli, Mycenae, Argos



Feeling happy and content after one or two glasses of wine,the trip regains its educational character by traveling on the third day to Mycenae.

Passing through the Lions Gate, the main entrance to the Acropolis of Mycenae, we walk to the palace of Agamemnon who led all the Greeks during the Trojan War. Mycenae was the first major center of Greek culture resulting in the period between 1600 BC. up to 1100 BC to be called "Mycenaean". There is no excursion to the Peloponnese without a stop in Nafplion, one of the most idyllic cities in Greece.

The first capital of modern Greece is a great example of Venetian architecture with its picturesque houses and neoclassical mansions while Palamidi, a Venetian fortress at the top of the city, and Bourtzi are the attractions of Nafplion. Just less than 30 km from Nafplion is the famous ancient theater of Epidaurus.

Even if your knowledge of the Ancient Theater is next to nothing, you will be fascinated by the greatest theater in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. As one of the most important monuments of antiquity in the world, summer performances attract visitors from all over the world.

The wonder of the theatre is just the beginning


7 days exploring the beauties of Argolis

Accommodation in Argolida

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The beaches of Argolis


 65 kilometers

 54  minutes of driving

Prefecture of Arcadia

Leonidio,  Astros, Tyros, The villages of Mainalo,  Karitena, Ladonas, Tripoli, Parnonas



On the fifth day we travel to the heart of the Peloponnese and its largest prefecture. In Arcadia you will witness the beauties that arise when nature generously offers its gifts.

After a short stop in Tripoli to wander its squares and visit the Old Philharmonic and the Archaeological Museum, we will leave the cityscape, going to the canyon of Lousios. Make sure you have hiking boots with you to walk one of the most impressive canyons that has a length of 15 km.

Using the picturesque villages of Stemnitsa and Dimitsana as a base to try the local cuisine, different opportunities for exploration arise. Going down to the canyon near Stemnitsa you will admire the carved in rock Moni Prodromou while if you climb from the other side you will meet the Old Moni Panagias Filosofou.

If you start your hike from Dimitsana you will go through forests and stone-built houses. Undoubtedly, the strongest point of Arcadia is its mountainous stone-built villages and the sports activities offered by its nature, though the coastal part of the prefecture can also be proud of its beauty.

You must spend the sixth day in Leonidio, which looks as if the city found refuge in the shadow of its huge crimson rock, far from the rest of the country. Spread at the foot of Mount Parnon, Leonidio has the majestic rock as its trademark, which has highlighted the city into one of the largest climbing zones in Europe.

The cosmopolitan beach of Plaka invites you for swimming and water sports while for the slightly more adventurous (due to the difficulty of the road) the quiet beach of Fokianos with its blue waters is truly precious.


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 87,9 kilometers

1 hour and 50 minutes of walking

Prefecture of Laconia

Monemvasia, Elafonisos, Gytheio, Mani, Mystras, Kyparissi,  Gerakas, Archangelos, Elika, Marathias, North Taygetos, South Taygetos, Sparta 



The seventh day of the trip will put an end to the question that some may have had about whether Monemvasia is so beautiful or simply overestimated. From the first glance you will be fascinated by this picturesque castle city with its medieval castle and its cobbled streets.

The rock of Monemvasia looks like a huge iceberg in the sea and is connected to the mainland by a single narrow strip of land from which it was named (Moni Emvasis).

With cars fortunately absent inside the castle and small hostels for your stay inside and a sandy beach in the new town, Gefyra, Monemvasia is a destination that charms you regardless of the season.



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We will seize the next day exploring the harsh, arid but also refined landscape of Laconic Mani



The first short stop will be in Gythio, the seaside town with the charming colors of its mansions and the plethora of seafood options on the beach.

From there, and with little time needed at the wheel, we will head toAreopolis, which is the heart of historic Mani.

Undoubtedly one of the most charming villages in the area where the visitor can look back on the glorious past with the towers, the independence of its inhabitants and the bloody vendettas between the families.

Starting our walk from Athanaton Square and passing through traditional cafes with blooming bougainvillea, we will reach the Tower of the Mavromichalis family, which played an important role in the struggle for independence of the Greeks in 1822.

The famous castle city of Mystras, which was a stronghold of the Byzantine Empire, welcomes us on the ninth and last day in Laconia.

One of the most important archeological sites in Greece, the Castle is an old town surrounded by Byzantine walls and the remains of the palace at the top of the hill. The biggest attraction is the well-preserved Byzantine churches with their impressive wall paintings.

The Church of Agios Dimitrios is of historical importance since the coronation of Constantine Paleologos, the last emperor of Byzantium, took place there.

You can spend the night either in nearby Sparta or in the village of Pikoulianika for well-kept hostels and taverns.


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Accommodation in Peloponnese

 105 χιλιόμετρα

 1  hour and 14 minutes of walking


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