The secret sea place of Laconia

Are there still secret places in the Peloponnese? Are there still graphic fishing villages unaffected by time, a few houses touching the seaside, and some peaceful calmness surrounding them? Yes, there are. The Archangelos village is one of them.

A tiny stony village nestled in the shadow of imposing rocks with strange shapes, balances between the edge of a sandy peninsula and the endless blue of the Laconian bay, where you never see waves.

25 kilometers away from Monemvasia, and 25kilometers far from Neapolis, Archangelos is the perfect destination for those who are looking for their own, completely personal Peloponnesian isolated paradise. . With less than 50 inhabitants, a few tiled houses and two or three cafes and taverns placing tables that face the sea, this place has an aura that brings to mind some summer memories of our childhood.

Do not be surprised if you only stop just for swimming at this lovely sandy beach with deep blue waters, and eventually end up renting a room to spend days here. A lot of people act like this. It's something in the atmosphere of the village, the days pass by peacefully and the crickets dress with their song the nights under the starry sky.

Walks, beaches and sights around Archangelos
The Balli Gorge

10 kilometers away from Archangelos the green Gorge of Balli starts from the beautiful mountainous village called Talanda. It is traversed with earthy paths that lie under the shadow of huge plane trees, walnuts and myrtle trees, alongside running waters, until they reach after a few wonderful kilometers the beach of Harahia. Hiking lovers will be thrilled - even in the summer, you can walk easily thanks to the shadow offered by the plane trees and the cool water in the gorge.

One of the eleven watermills that once operated in the gorge has been restored exemplarily, and operate normally, close enough to the village of Talanda. You can easily reach it either by walking the path from the village or by driving a safe dirt road (adequate signs lead to both). Especially if you are travelling with kids, do not miss it, the experience will excite them.

It can also be found as Harakia on the maps. You will love this place if you are fond of isolated beaches, rarely found nowadays. It is the beach where the Gorge of Bali ends up, a sandy beach of three and a half kilometers, with crystal clear waters – but there are stones in the water, which makes it rather unsuitable for families with children.

A seaside village in a peaceful bay, Plytra hides a great secret in its waters: The submerged state of Ancient Asopos. The ancient city was sunk, according to the prevailing theory, in 365 AD from a powerful earthquake, along with all its temples and sanctuaries. Its ruins can be seen today at the Red area, with your plain sight where you swim. The waters are so clear that you do not even need a goggles - although it would certainly be useful to take one with you if you want to take a closer look at them. The central beach of Plytra, with its soft sand and the shallow, transparent, turquoise waters that bring to mind something from Elafonisos is perfect for the kids.







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