Exploring the (not so Wild) West

The… Wild West of Peloponnese, the least explored prefecture of all, the best kept secret of Western Greece- which it administratively belongs- the home of the biggest athletic institution in human History. Ilia.

Ilia with its enchanted forests, where as they say, a long time ago, Hercules was friends with the Centaurs. Ilia with the Ancient Olympia, where an idea so great was born that would stop all wars.

Ilia with the Ancient Ilida, which is not known to many tourists and you would have it all at your disposal, with one of the nicest castles in the entire Peloponnese, Chelmoutsi Castle, and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, which is the most special of all our temples for many reasons- you can find details for it below.

And Ilia with its heavenly coastline, the endless beaches wetted by the light blue waters of the Ionian Sea and the pine forests that are rebirthed from their ashes, against all odds after one of the biggest fire disasters in Greece of the last twenty years.    

Half of the joy of travelling in Ilia is to discover how beautiful can places that you’ve never heard before actually be. Driving through fertile plains that here and there are interrupted by arched hills, next to blue lakes, following the route of small rivers and every once in a while discovering another perfect spot to stop, another secret village, and another sandy beach.

Famous for its raisins, as well as its wine that it is made here since antiquity and travels throughout Greece, Ilia also produces fine oil, handmade pasta, dairy products (you should not miss the chance to try local feta cheese wherever you find it) and pure honey.

An ideal destination for summer vacations, spring breaks and autumn excursions, Ilia is no longer a secret place.

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