Where nature "weaves" stories

Hidden for many years behind one of the most notorious roads in Greece, the Corinth-Patra Highway, Achaia finally awakens from the slumber it was passed down to it by decades of mishandling and claims the positions it deserves in our travels and our weekends.

With capital and biggest city the Greek home of “kefi”, Patra, the city of the carnival and the eternal student lifestyle, one of the biggest prefectures of Peloponnese vibrates with life every season of the year.

Winter is magical in the villages of Chelmos and its snowy peaks. Spring looks like a Renaissance painting in Vouraikos Gorge, in the springs of Planitero and the Alps lake Tsivlou. Summers have something from our childhood vacations in Kalogria, Egira (Aigeira) and the beaches of Aigialeias. And in autumn, nature takes the brushes and paints on the canvas of Erymanthos and of Kalavrita.

It is a place filled with History, which is imprinted in exemplary museums, ancient theaters that overlook the sea, silent archaeological sites that await for the truly curious visitor to explore their secrets, and historical monasteries like Agia Lavra, where the famous banner of the Greek Revolution was raised by Palaion Patron Germanos monk.

It is also a blessed with fertile soil land, in which citrus fruit and vegetables are produced, famous across the world wines (the lovers of wine should pay a visit to the prefecture’s wineries), exceptional oil and honey, local sweets, handmade pasta and pure dairy products. You will definitely try in the taverns of the area local recipes and delicious local meat.

Mark the route on your map (you no longer have to be afraid of abandoned to their fate highways), click on the destinations below and follow us to discover Achaia.







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