The small ...but great in History

How much History fits in the smallest prefecture of the Peloponnese? The answer is a lot.

Here started one of the first civilizations in Greece that became great and reached Troy with its ships. Here is the most ancient city of the entire Europe, Argos. Here is also the first capital of the newly established Greek state, Nafplio. They’re all here.

In the East of Peloponnese, between Corinth and Arcadia, the small (in size, but big in grace) Argolis, apart from a long History, has natural beauty and impressive architecture that is freely offered to its visitor.

The beautiful Nafplio with its Old Town reaching the sea is the capital and one of the largest cities in the prefecture. The largest town of Argolis, in size and in History, is Argos, which has been consecutively inhabited for the last five hundred years.

Mountains and seas, fragrant plains and endless orange groves, amazing archaeological sites, doll-like villages and beaches with crystal clear waters compose the puzzle of Argolis. Its fertile plain produces an abundance of citrus trees and vegetables, while its local products are very popular: handmade pasta, trachana (a dried food based on a fermented mixture of grain and yogurt or fermented milk, made into a thick soup) and amugdalota (almond cookies). In the taverns and restaurants of the area you can try fresh fish, special local meat and traditional dairy products.

In the “must visit” of Argolis are included, apart from Nafplio and its three castles, Epidaurus with its ancient theatre, the golden gilded Mycenae with its ancient treasures, Argos with its amazing castle, and the families favorite side of Argolis that touches the sea: Tolo, Iria, Hermione and Porto Cheli. 

Just two hours from Athens, a destination that has it all awaits you. Discover it.








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