History at the threshold of Peloponnese

The biggest vineyard not only of the Peloponnese, not only of Greece, but of the entire Balkan peninsula. The richest city in antiquity.

The biggest castle of Peloponnese. Isn’t it strange how many superlatives can fit in one of its smallest prefectures?

And these are just the beginning. Since the small in size, but rather big in interest, Corinth has many more surprises: Its capital, for example, which is an unexpectedly beautiful seaside city. The covered in fir trees summits of Mt. Ziria, which are crossed by idyllic paths and are adorned with stone built villages. The pine forest of Xylokastro that almost reaches the waves. The atmospheric archaeological site of Nemea, which the myth has it that once here lived a lion which Hercules killed. If you look at the sky on a clear night, you will see it: It is the constellation of Leo.

Talking about myths: Here lived the terrible Stymphalian Birds, in the lake that it’s still called Stymphalia. Here also lived and reigned Sisyphus, a brilliant king, who fortified Akrocorinthos and he secured water by making a deal with Asopos that he would tell him where his daughter, Aigina, and Zeus were hiding, as long as the river god would bring his waters to Sisyphus’ castle.

An ideal destination for every season of the year, Corinth has pebbled beaches with crystal clear waters ideal for families with kids, snow covered summits for the winter, flowery hiking trails for spring, and lakes for postcards perfect for autumn picnics on their banks.

The many times sang Corinthian raisin is competed in fame by the exquisite wines of Nemea’s vineyard, while in the prefecture are also produced fine oil and olives, honey from the pine tree forests, fragrant oregano, thyme, famous liqueur and teaspoon sweets. 

So small but so big in beauty and History, Corinth waits for you to discover it.  

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