10 short trips from Loutraki

Blessed with nature it combines the sea and the mountains

Loutraki is one of the most popular nearby destinations offering countless options for both entertainment and leisure.

A breath away from the capital gathers many visitors every year who come to its places to discover its beauties.

Among its undoubted advantages is its strategic geographical position, as it allows every visitor to plan nearby excursions.


 →  →Trikala Korinthias

You will find Trikala 75 kilometers away from Loutraki, which is without a doubt one of the most popular places in the mountain area. Spread over three villages, Trikala promises to visitors a hell of a time.

Cosmopolitan but also traditional, touristic not to mention captivating thanks to their incomparable natural beauty, but at the same time peaceful and aristocratic, they are usually covered in snow during the winter months.


→  → Lake Doxa

Less than 100 kilometers away from Loutraki, you will find Lake Doxa. Tiny but very beautiful, Lake Doxa is located in the magical landscape of Ziria (aka Mountain Corinthia) and looks like a famous painting that is worth millions.

Eerily peaceful and surrounded by a fantastic forest, Doxa is definitely the best option for all-day picnics (it also has the appropriate tables!) and seaside viewings, which will reflect a whole range of natural colors.


→ → Xylokastro

A 40-minute drive from Loutraki will be enough to get to Xylokastro. Every summer, Xylokastro’s beach is flooded with thousands of people and families, who are really keen on nearby seaside excursions.

In addition to the crystal clear waters of the beach, it is worth walking through the fantastic pine forest of Pefkia, which stretches along the sea.

Don’t forget to take the appropriate equipment so you can photograph the refined and beautiful villa of the famous Greek poet Aggelos Sikelianos, who designed it by himself.

The fish taverns around Loutraki will be the cherry on top of a perfect one-day trip.


→ → Kiato

Kiato is only 37 kilometers away from Loutraki. As soon as summer welcomes us, Kiato lives its glory days and a whole bunch of people flock to its beaches enjoying its crystal clear and transparent waters.

You’ll spot people enjoying their ice-cream all around and as the sun goes down, you will hardly find a free table in the taverns of the area.

If you do, however, catch a seat, you’ll taste delicious seafood treasures as well as wonderful meat dishes.


  → → Feneos

Built at an altitude that reaches 1000 meters, Feneos has a great and legendary archaeological history, while it is located about 100 kilometers away from Loutraki.

The locals tend to be proud of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, who has associated his name with the whole area.

The monastery of Saint Georgios Feneos, which is located at an altitude of 1,500 m, is the most visited place, offering the best view of the Corinthe plus a traditional greek sweet made of roses that the monks used to offer to every visitor.

Keep in mind to try Feneo fava beans and the local vanilla beans as well!


 → → Acrocorinthos - Ancient Corinth

You have to drive for an hour from Athens so you can reach Acrocorinthos, while Loutraki is only 25 minutes driving away from there.

The route you will follow, brings you right to the entrance of its legendary castle. The castle will leave you speechless as it is gigantic with a wall perimeter that oversees three kilometers.

Considering that this is the largest castle in the entire Peloponnese, we advise you to spend at least two hours on your visit there, in order to see every part of it.


  →  →  Lake Stymphalia

Lake Stymphalia is usually found among the mythical references to Hercules, while it still remains a unique destination in our most beautiful Corinthian walks.

Most of Lake Stymphalia has now been drained, but it is still a rare wetland, which homes more than 160 species of animals and birds.

If you are a fan of bird-watching, this is the place for you. In addition, the Stymphalian Environment Museum must be on top of your sightseeing list.


→ →  Nemea

From one mythical destination to another, let's take a stroll to Nemea, which is known throughout the world for its wines and its famous archaeological site.

Located 43 kilometers away from Loutraki, Nemea is full of wonderful landscapes that embrace the archaeological site, over green hills and peaceful plains that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Stop 1 ⇒ Semeli Estate

Stop 2 ⇒  Tasty trip to Bayraktari Estate

Stop 3 ⇒  Visit to Gaia Wines Winery


→ → Nafplio

65 kilometers away from Loutraki, you will find the cosmopolitan and extra beloved Nafplio, the first capital of the country, which still stands proud and impressive.

Palamidi, one of the best preserved Venetian castles in Greece, but also the walls and the routes of Akronaflia castle will nest in your memories for a lifetime.


→ → Epidavros

Each and every trip to Epidavros is a ritual, especially when you have Loutraki as your starting point, which is 55 kilometers away from there.

Please note that the theaters of Epidavros are two: the big one, better known as the Ancient Theater, which is located in the village that is now called Lygourio, while the Small Theater of Epidaurus is located in the village called Palaia Epidavros – or Palia, as the locals usually call it.

Palaia Epidavros has three beaches should visit: Gialasi, where the organized campsites are also located, Kalamaki with its pine trees that reach the sea, and Nissi, next to the Mikro Theatro.


Activities and getaways from Loutraki

In addition to sightseeing and diving in the deep blue and transparent waters of the sea around Loutraki, the Corinthian city is suitable for a bunch of activities that will remain unforgettable to whoever gives them a try.

Activities in Loutraki


Unfolding the map of Loutraki, we remembered again all those unique experiences

Seaside Loutraki is the best choice for quality last minute excursions and not only that.

Although located very close to Athens, Loutraki gains visitors from all over Greece  and abroad, thanks to its natural beauties but also to all the wonderful traveling experiences it offers.

Ten unique experiences you can have in Loutraki
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