Tasty trip to Bayraktari Estate

Visit to Bayraktari Estate

Does tradition have anything to say in the 21st century?

Can today's know-how be combined with the traditional methods of yesterday? This was the bet for Christos Bayraktaris, who brought in 2005 his family's long tradition of viticulture in its new era, creating a modern winery in the heart of the Nemea vineyard. A bet that deserved it.

Using exclusively natural methods for both cultivating and bottling all its quality wines, Bayraktari Estate can boast of making Nemea and its wine not only a heart-pleasing wine but also a product of culture.

You will find it, too, with a stroll through the vineyards of the famed Agiorgitiko, embracing the winery, before heading out to the tasting room to sample unique creations such as the popular Monolith and the distinctive Rosanthus. Bayraktari Estate is open to wine lovers and invests in the wine education of the visitor.

Visit us to get acquainted with the secrets of wine production by taking a guided tour of the winery where specialized staff explain step by step the stages of winemaking, bottling and aging in the cellar of the Estate.

In a specially designed area there is training in wine tasting, where high quality wines from the Bayraktari Estate are tasted.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 9am - 6pm

Website: www.bairaktariswines.gr

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