Visit to Gaia Wines Winery

Visit to Gaia Wines Winery

The rite. The perfume. The passion. The toil. Tradition

They are all essential ingredients in wineries. Ingredients highlighting the varieties of Gaia Winemaking wines. Ingredients that make the result year after year, crop by crop, ever better.

Marked by the Ammonites this ancient shell-symbol of the Greek sea, Gaia Wines travels the wines of Greece from Nemea and Santorini around the world.

Its secrets will be whispered to you by its vineyard, and its people will analyze it, guiding you to their state-of-the-art facilities in Kuci, a corner distinct from the rest of Nemea's vast limestone, thanks to its humble limestone rocks but they produce a magnificent effect.

Our winery is a member of the Association of Wine Producers of the "Peloponnese Wine Roads" and is open to wine-makers upon request.

The visit includes a brief tour of the vineyard producing the GAIAS Estate, a tour of the production, bottling and aging areas as well as a tasting of the wines produced in Nemea and Santorini.

Visit the winery upon request.


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