Ten unique experiences you can have in Loutraki

Seaside Loutraki is the best choice for quality last minute excursions and not only that.

Although located very close to Athens, Loutraki gains visitors from all over Greece and abroad, thanks to its natural beauties but also to all the wonderful traveling experiences it offers.

After all, it is a lively city of twelve thousand inhabitants, in the shadow of a mountain range, Geraneia, which has not been explored as much as it deserves.

Unfolding the map of Loutraki, we remembered again all those unique experiences that anyone could live there.



A stop at Vouliagmeni Lake

Loutraki’s star is undoubtedly the  famous Vouliagmeni Lake. If you are looking for an exquisite view of the green mountainsides of Geraneia, then this magnificent Lagoon will captivate you.

If the weather allows it, you can dive into its salty waters and enjoy its natural beauty, as reflected on its shore. A picture-postcard landscape, with verdant mountain slopes framing the clear, still waters of the lake.

There, you will come across one of the most impressive lighthouses in the country. The entire lakeside road (about 5 km) is ideal for cyclists.


A visit at Heraion

The instagrammable Heraion sits at the top of the list of the most important attractions/archaeological sites of the entire Peloponnese, not without a reason.

The ancient temple of Hera that touches the waters, dates from the 6th century BC. The walls of Heraion cover the wonderful little beach and the crystal clear waters with its columns.

The ruins of an ancient market are also preserved near the temple, while the complex hydraulic system found in the monuments is of great archaeological interest.


A sunset at the Melagavi Lighthouse 

There is a social media frenzy going on about the Melagavi Lighthouse for Greeks and foreign visitors as well.

The stone Lighthouse of Heraion, or cape Melagavi Lighthouse, first opened in 1897, was shut down during World War II and began to illuminate the waters of the Corinthian Gulf that stretch out in front of it again in 1947.

Now it lavishly dispenses idyllic sunsets to the lucky ones they attend  its historic neighborhood.


A stroll at Perachora

Perachora is a small and beautiful village that can be the starting point of your journey to the wonderful beaches and the archaeological sites.

Just 12 kms away from Loutraki, Perachora seems to be the ideal place to rest and soak up its traditional beauties, before splashing out on one of the nearby beaches that will charm everyone.


A dive into the magnificent Lakazeza

Also known as “Little Mylokopi”, the beach Lakazeza offers crystal clear waters, lots of greenery that almost reaches the sea and has gained many loyal visitors over the years.

The path that leads you to the beach is definitely the perfect precursor to a seascape of extraordinary beauty, which will take a special place in your heart.


A leap of faith at the Casino

Fortune favors the bold, so if you’re feeling bold, then you should visit Club Hotel Casino Loutraki and give a shot at: Roulette tables, Black Jack, Poker Punto Banko, state-of-the-art slot machines.

The facilities of Club Hotel Casino Loutraki combined with the quality services and the countless entertainment proposals it offers, have made it a point of reference for guests looking for unique and memorable experiences.


Α swim at Zoireza’s “secret paradise”

Zoireza beach is one of the most charming secrets of Loutraki. After crossing a difficult dirt road and a wonderful natural setting that looks like it was taken from Robinson Crusoe’s book, the paradise of Zoireza will be revealed in front of your eyes with coarse sand and pebbles.

Its blue-green waters and immensity bring in mind a small tropical island that offers moments of relaxation to everyone who’s keen on resting in the shade of  pine trees.


A sea excursion at Skalosia

Its waters are so transparent and light blue that bring to mind a swimming pool. A few green hills dip gently into the sea, in the background.

Skalosia is a beach of wild beauty, which you will find after a short paved road and an even shorter dirt road.

Arriving there, a landscape of unique beauty will be revealed to you, a place that combines mountain and sea.

Don't forget to take the appropriate equipment with you because there is a cave you will have to explore. It is worth staying until sunset and enjoy the natural palette of colors, as the sun dissapears.


A long swim in the Cave of the Seal

The Cave of the Seal  will leave you speechless. The sea seems as if it has eaten away the rock, revealing a unique crown and a charming not to mention wonderfully hidden beach.

At the doorstep of the Alcyonid islets where the Corinthian seals give birth to their babies, the Cave of the Seal emerges from the pines and holly trees, offering a rare natural sculpture that delights every visitor.


A visit to the Saint Patapios Monastery

On a steep slope in the Gerania mountains, just above Loutraki  and very close to Corinth, stands the Saint Patapios Monastery.

It is probably the most important religious tourism monument in the wider region, since its history begins in the 12th century.

The view and natural beauty of the monastery rewards the worshippers, who flock to see the holy relic of Saint Patapios, seeking his miraculous grace.


Activities in Loutraki

Loutraki stays at the top of the nearby excursions’ list for the Athenians, as well as residents of other places in Greece, not to mention visitors from abroad.

Seaside Loutraki seems to be close to the capital of Greece, but at the same time is so far from the noisy everyday life taking place in the city, offering wonderful beaches, crystal clear waters and a green natural background overlooking the sea.

Activities in Loutraki



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