7 days in Corinth

Natural wild beauty

The Corinthian prefecture is located in the northeast part of Peloponnese but also holds a small part of Mainland Greece as it is within reach from Attika.

It is the ideal closest escape from the city of the capital since it’s a place with great history, civilization, and beauties that the traveler will keep as beautiful picture memories.

With Corinth as its capital city and Isthmus as its pride, Corinthia combines the natural wild beauty of its mountainous villages and the cosmopolitan lace-like beaches, which have thousands of admirers and fans.

From Loutraki, Xilokastro and Agioi Theodoroi to Nemea, Trikala, Feneos and Zireia the routes and landscapes are easily accessible and most enjoyable. Even if a week seems not enough to travel around Corinth, it is surely enough to admire its natural beauties.



1st Day, Corinth-Loutraki

The trademark of the area is definitely Isthmus which from antiquity to our days the canal connects the Corinthian with the Saronic Gulf. 

An hour away from Athens you will find one of the most historical cities in the country with great civilization as it is obvious till nowadays from the Conservatory, Asklepieion, Ancient Agora and the imposing Temple of Apollo.  

About Akrocorinthos, which hosts the biggest castle in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe, words seem to fail to describe the uniqueness of this monument. First you’ll walk along the harbor and stroll at the paved city center that has Pegasus as a symbol and then off we go to the cosmopolitan Loutraki with the sandy beaches.

If you love the sea it is a must to take the boat from the harbor and go to the  Alkyonides islands.

If the mountain is your thing then you should climb Mt. Geraneia before your visit to Heraion and Skaloma to see the Mycenaean Tombs. Also, since luck is on the side of the daring who followed the footsteps of Diolkos you can visit the casino of the area too.

10 kilometers from there you’ll find the Loutra Elenis village, a beautiful seaside village that carries the myth of the beautiful Helen, the Queen of Sparta.

Tip →  10 short trips from Loutraki


2nd Day, Vrahati-Kiato

A few kilometers from Corinth there is Vrahati which has become one of the most famous summer destinations of the prefecture.

The beaches with the fine pebbles, the gorgeous view to the Corinthian Gulf  and the blue green waters bring to mind an island that you can’t wait to stroll around and rest at its taverns and cafes; there in the heart of northern Peloponnese.

A bit farther away there’s Kiato and after our dives in the sea we must visit its beaches, which gather thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad. When sun goes down the whole area looks like a painting of a street artist, ideal for night strolls by the sea while holding an ice cream at hand.


3rd Day, Xylokastro


The well-known Xylokastro is imprinted in the memory of its most passionate visitors as the ideal trip, especially for those who live in Attica.

Between Xylokastro and Sykia you will find the picturesque Pine forest of Pefkias which inspired the Greek poet Karyotakis to write it as “the green shore of our native land” with its beautiful beach.

Within reach are the picturesque villages of Kamari and Loutro and close by there is also the Gorge of Fonissa (murderess in Greek) that is worth a visit.

The taverns with the delicious fragrance, the house of poet Sikelianos, the dirt paths which lead to the church of Agios Vlasios and the Monastery of Panagia Karfiotissa with the unique architecture and the pebbled beach of Sykia combined create the ideal trip.


4th Day, Nemea-Stymphalia

It has taken its name by the homonymous nymph, daughter of Asopos River that crosses the plain.

It is known throughout the world from Hercules Labors who choked the lion on its sacred ground, and has thousands of years of history as the games that were held in Nemea are part of the oldest games in the world.

Apart from the archaeological importance of the area, findings of which you can see in every corner (like the Mycenaean Cemetery at Aidonia), Nemea is also proud of its monasteries that count hundreds of years of existence, such as the monastery of Panagia of the Rock and the monastery of Episkopi.

A few kilometers from the area you can visit the Satellite Station after you’ve taken supplies of bottles of Agiorgitiko wine and of delicious Corinthian resins.

Half an hour from the area where one of Hercules Labors took place there is another famous one, Stymphalia with its well-known lake and the incredible wetland with its rich flora and many kinds of birds.

A full day at Semeli Estate ⇒  Semeli Estate, a small wine paradise in Nemea


Stymphalia has many beauties that are not just the gurgling waters and the amazing natural landscape. Its trails will awaken the hiker in you, while the ruins of ancient Stymphalos and Zaraka monastery are interesting archaeological destinations. Also the close by fir covered Kalianoi village definitely worths a visit.


5th Day, Trikala of Corinth

If there was a phrase to describe how the traveler feels once they see Trikala of Corinth for the first time that would be “a magical winter destination”. It is a dreamy escape from the city with great mythology and picturesque dwellings built on the mountain sides offering an incredible view to the Corinthian Gulf.

The culinary paths, the warm renovated mansions, wooden chalets, stone-built squares and the narrow alleys hidden under enormous plane trees, offer you a full packet of options to enjoy a trip you’ll never forget accompanied by delicious “meze” (small dishes of appetizers) at the taverns in the area.

Don’t forget to walk the 6 kilometer path from Middle Trikala to the magical Dasios Lake, which “disappears” in the summer like a magical picture.


6th Day, Zireia

The Zireia plateau is the perfect destination for hikers, as it is the second highest mountain in Peloponnese standing imposingly in front of the Flampouritsa Gorge. Every village of the area has a link of paths which lead to the mountain tops, nature reserves and to green forests.

From the green mountain, which skiers love its beautiful ski center, to the Dasios Lake it offers unique images as it transforms with every change of the season.

Kastania, Kefalari, Mosino, Mosia and Goura villages compete in picturesqueness and eventually winning each and every one who visits those charming places.


7th Day, Feneos

It is a mountainous village in Corinth, built on the green slopes of the area, and it’s within reach from the well-known Doxa Lake which is created by the Feneos-Doxa Dam with the waters of Olvios River.

It is painted blue and is extremely tranquil, surrounded by a fragrant forest of black pine trees spreading as far as your eye can see, and captures every visitor. In its center there is the Old Monastery.

From the mountain we will continue down to the fruitful plain of Feneos, after visiting first the debris of the ancient city which counts thousands of years of existence.  


The beaches of Corinth are excellent

Corinth has some amazing beaches to go diving, along the Corinthian Gulf, and to spend idyllic moments when you come to visit.

To begin with, the well-known Kalamia beach very close to Corinth is a pole of attraction as it has cafes and plenty of restaurants.

You will spend idyllic moments when you visit them

5 days trip

5 days trip







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