Let’s go skiing to Peloponnese

So put on your hats and gloves and let’s go see them

Skiing, having exceeded its reputation as an extreme sport long ago, is now a beloved winter activity for all the family.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced or you just like snow, the Peloponnesian plateaus offer their covered in white ground in three snow centers that are available for skiing, snowboarding and more games in the snow for all tastes and levels.

So put on your hats and gloves and let’s go see them!

Kalavrita Ski Center

One of the most famous and well-organized ski centers in Greece, very close to Athens, the Kalavrita Ski Center at Mt. Helmos has thousands of visitors every year.


The base of the ski center, in which you will find the chalet with the restaurant and the cafeteria, the parking lot, some ski schools and ski equipment, is located to an altitude of 1.700 meters while its peak is at the 2.350 meters. There are 7 lifts and 12 ski runs with different levels of difficulty, making the Kalavrita Ski Center ideal both for beginners and experienced skiers or snowboarders that would cross the white slopes overlooking at a beautiful landscape of snow covered fir trees.



It has a variety of activity choices like rides with snowmobiles on a special route, sleigh rides, Skibike, Tubes Park, the children’s lift (Snow Fun Park), snowpark and freeride for the more experienced skiers. So no one will be left out of the fun.

The access to the ski center from Kalavrita is really beautiful through the fir forest, and easy as well since the snow clearing is quite organized.

Once you’re finished with going down the snowy slopes, you can visit Kalavrita where you’re going to find many interesting activities to do, like the spectacular route of the historical Odontotos rack railway over the Vouraikos Gorge, visiting the Lake Cave, the gorgeous hiking routes and of course the unique flavors you will try at the traditional taverns.  Book Your Trip Early

More information about the ski resort here.

Mainalo Ski Center

Very close to Athens (162 kilometers or two hours approximately) you will find the Mainalo Ski Center which is the closest to the capital. It is located in the “heart” of Arcadia, the most mountainous municipality of Peloponnese, at the “Ostrakina” spot of Mt. Mainalo, at an altitude of 1.600 meters. 

It is perfect for both beginners and experienced skiers, while it is offered for playing in the snow and sledging. It has 7 ski runs and 3 cableway lifts and there is a rental shop with ski equipment and a chalet with a cafeteria. In the ski center there is a Snowboard park, a special run for snow tubes and a park for ATVs mobiles (quad bikes-snowmobiles).


 However, if you have spare time you should not miss the chance to explore the beauty of the surrounding areas, like the –star of Arcadia- Dimitsana, the traditional Stemnitsa, the enchanting Vitina, the mythical Piana, and the medieval  Karytaina.

The stone-built houses with their tile “hats”, bridges that bring to mind some folklore poem, strolling under the music of Lousios River, and the snuggly taverns are all important reasons to fit into your program a trip to a close village. In case you’re not satisfied just with the ski center and your body still needs a high dose of adrenaline, rafting in Lousios River would fully suffice.

More information about the ski resort here.

 Ziria Ski Center

Ideal for beginners and families, the ski center of Ziria is located at an altitude of 1.500 meters, at a 10 kilometers distance from Trikala of Corinth, and 155 kilometers from Athens.

It operates since 2007 and has a beginners run with a cableway lift as well as another leveled run, which also has a cableway lift.

In the area of the ski center you will find a rental shop for boots, snow ski footwear and all the equipment necessary, as there is also a ski and snowboard school for beginners and a chalet too. Two-seated snowmobiles are also for rent to go to the big plateau of the mountain as well as one-seat kids snowmobiles to ride in a specially designed space.

For rent are also ATVS and Buggies with a wide variety of routes to choose. Finally, particularly interesting is the mountain ski and the splitboard or else skiing in an alp-like area where depending on the weather conditions an average climber can reach the top of the mountain at the 2.380 meters.

More information about the ski resort here.

Around the foot of the mountain there are picturesque villages with traditional taverns and cafeterias as well as shops with traditional products.

On the north side of the mountain there are Trikala (Upper Trikala, Middle Trikala and Lower Trikala), while on the east of Trikala there is Manna village and on the west Karia and Zaholi with the idyllic stream of Myloi that connects through a road Trikala with the West Corinth and the South side of Ziria  Mountain.

If you have the luxury of time you should also visit Lake Doxa in Feneos, in an hour distance from the ski center.

Peloponnese is a complex mosaic in terms of geography and soil morphology, combining a rich coastline with mountainous areas that impress with their natural beauty.

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