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Loutraki stays at the top of the nearby excursions’ list for the Athenians, as well as residents of other places in Greece, not to mention visitors from abroad.

Seaside Loutraki seems to be close to the capital of Greece, but at the same time is so far from the noisy everyday life taking place in the city, offering wonderful beaches, crystal clear waters and a green natural background overlooking the sea.

In addition to sightseeing and diving in the deep blue and transparent waters of the sea around Loutraki, the Corinthian city is suitable for a bunch of activities that will remain unforgettable to whoever gives them a try.



Over the last years, the number of windsurfers who choose the area of Loutraki to sail their surfs has been increasing. On Loutraki’s coastal shores, the conditions seem ideal for aspiring windsurfers regardless of their skill level.

If by any chance you are in need of a helping hand, the certified instructors will provide you with cutting-edge equipment to safely carry it out.


Cycling on Geraneia Mountains and Vouliagmeni Lake

There is a well-known song that bikers in Loutraki used to sing, since both the routes in the Geraneia Mountains, as well as the five-kilometer lakeside route around Vouliagmeni Lake are ideal for cyclists.

You don't have to be a professional to bike Geraneia Mountains, as the roads are suitable for any amateur cycling-lover.


Bungee jumping from the Isthmus

If you want to experience something that you will remember unil you’re really old, then bungee jumping from the Isthmus of Corinth (just 8 kilometers away from Loutraki) should be added to your bucket list. No need to elaborate more,  just one try  is enough to convince you.

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The dolphins will steal your heart

Dolphins and Loutraki are in a long-term relationship, as they’re attracting the interest of scientists, thanks to the unique sea world of the bay. There are four species of dolphins, which are, in fact,  all the species of dolphins that live permanently in Greece and the Mediterranean.

There is no other closed bay in the world that has a population of so many different dolphins living in harmony, like they do in the deep blue waters off the coast of Loutraki.

If you are lucky enough, then you can also see a rare crossing of a gray dolphin with a common dolphin, which is not found anywhere else in the world, swimming around, captivating whoever wants to capture one of their appearances .


Scuba Diving

There are two certified scuba diving schools near Loutraki for divers who want to take advantage of their visit, so they can dive in the Corinthian waters.

The Corinthian waters are full of hundreds of species of fish, reefs, Mediterranean corals, fossilized plants, sponges and perhaps treasures left behind by ancient civilizations.

Diving in Greece is an exciting sport that is enjoyed by many scuba divers over the last few years, as the waters offer amazing visibility, providing an unforgettable journey into the underwater natural worlds of the region.


Anyone else for water ski an kayak?

The beach of Loutraki, as well as the Lagoon of Heraion, are the perfect options for water skiers plus kayakers who want to live a unique experience in their waters.

The weather conditions during most of the year are ideal for those who dare water ski or kayak near the magnificent green landscape in the crystal clear waters of the Corinthian.

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Buggy tours at Geraneia Mountains

There are not many cities in Greece that can combine the experience of mountain and sea, so thank God Loutraki is one of them. By renting a buggy, you will be able to safely cross a wonderful and extra impressive route, which includes the Geraneia Mountains, the archaeological site of Heraion, but also the famous Lagoon, passing through secret spots known only to the locals.

The tour will compensate you by revealing isolated and deserted beaches of unspeakable natural beauty, steep but charming paths and tree-covered mountains.


Hiking at Geraneia Mountains

Geraneia Mountains stretch from Kakia Skala to Loutraki and up to Heraion, after the Lagoon. The highest peak (Makryplagi) reaches up to 1,369 meters and what’s great for you to know is that the largest part of the mountain is covered by pine forests.

If you are looking for a one-day trip that will combine the pleasure of hiking with the beneficial sight of the sea, then Geraneia is the answer to your question.

Through a network of easy-to-follow paths, hikers will face wild beauty, plus the impressive flora of the Gerania region.


Travel Tips

Seaside Loutraki is the best choice for quality last minute excursions and not only that.

Although located very close to Athens,Loutraki gains visitors from all over Greece and abroad, thanks to its natural beauties but also to all the wonderful traveling experiences it offers.

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