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Every summer when I was a kid I used to spend time at the “village”. Although Nemea is a town, the place where my grandparentslived was always called “the village”. There, on this beautiful terrain of Nemea, they talked to me about castles built on the hills of the area and these stories fueled the imagination of a young child who escaped for a few months from the daily routine of Athens.

Years later, a modern version of all those fairytales in my mind had come into existence on the Koutsi hill. A state of the art estate was there and it was the center of attraction on its own for the area and a unique destination.



It is widely known among the Peloponnesians, and to Greeks generally, that Nemea is one of those places of the country which has the largest production of exquisite wine in the world. Every traveler who visits Nemea-the town and its gorgeous surrounding villages- will have the chance to relax by strolling next to endless vineyards with white and red grapes, which are magically processed to produce the wine that will certainly transport you into new culinary adventures. One of the villages, Koutsi, dates back to the 17th century and stands in an altitude of 400 meters. Koutsi village is a small area of approximately 200 residents and has a “treasure” in grape-growing and in wine production.

It is the aforementioned Semeli Estate which started its operation in 1979 in Stamata of Attica and in 2003 operated its winery in Koutsi of Nemea. Semeli Estate holds its place on the wine sector of Greece as one of the largest Greek wine-making groups. As they claim, their aim is “the promotion of the quality dynamics of Nemea’s vineyard, as well as the support of the local economy”.



The employees of the estate come from the neighboring areas of Koutsi and Nemea, while simultaneously are promoted the local rural elements to protect the natural environment and to enhance the sustainability as an integral part of wine-making. Its 4.000 sq m with the modern premises, its modern and very special architecture, and the cozy atmosphere towards the visitors are just a few of the elements that make it stand out and create a welcoming environment for whomever wants to visit.



The Semeli Estate has 9 suites available for corporate events and it also has a swimming pool and a gym. During your visit on the premises you can enjoy the culinary tests of various wines while overlooking the beautiful view to the vineyards. It is a whole experience that transcends the limits of a simple wine testing and of buying wine and it embraces all of its wine loving visitors.



People say that they choose the Semeli Estate due to the gorgeous view and to the landscapes that raise the bar for the regular visit, during which they can also enjoy the vineyards and the rest of the premises if they want. You should definitely notice the renovated cellar with its wooden ceiling and the decoration with thousands of bottles. The staff team of the estate is there to guide you through whatever you may need with their oenologists and their hospitality.



What wine can you taste at Semeli though? The estate has an organized wine tourism program, from simple wine tasting programs to more expert programs for fewer people, while it also provides meals which are perfectly combined with the wines of the estate as well as a list of their older vintages that are kept in the cellar. Don’t miss on combining any wine of your choice with the cheese platter that they have as well as trying it with one of their extinguished plates which are based on the local Greek cuisine and are made with organic ingredients coming from the estate and thus they make it more delicious.

Two of the best wines are coming from PDO certification areas, Nemea and Mantinia.  The Agiorgitiko variety is definitely the basic first choice for the red grape variety of Nemea, which you shouldn’t miss. The wine was named after the Agios Georgios (St. George) village, where this strong flavored red wine of the town came. This particular dynamic variety provides the primary material for fresh or suitable for aging wines as well as for rose wines with rich, fresh aromas. At the same time, the overripe grapes that have been partially sun dried create a sweeter wine.

The lovers of Moschofilero variety should definitely try this flowery wine during their visit at the winery, as it is mostly cultivated in Peloponnese and it will surely impress you with its aromas and freshness. Other varieties offered are Roditis (from rodon-rose in Greek) and Malagousia.



From international varieties Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape variety which comes from France and has fruit aromas, herbal taste, and dashes of sweet pepper, gooseberry and asparagus.  Another aromatic wine with spicy taste, yellow color and a pleasant acidity felt along citric aromas, is Gewürztraminer.

In addition, the Syrah wine of the estate that has matured for 12 months in the cool cellars of our winery with its round and soft tannins is a gift to your palate and it is perfectly combined with traditional Greek dishes.

The Semeli Estate is a culinary and travelling experience which I always choose to do when I visit my grandparents in the summer as it is a quick escape, just an hour form Athens, from the responsibilities and the hustle of the city. I only wish that this is going to be a special memory for you too, not only for your palate but also for the view to the vineyards about which my grandfather used to tell me that “they invite your eyes to wander across them”.



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