Laconia, 3 magical hotels

3 days and 3 nights in 3 magical hotels

Stone landscapes touching the sea, frozen in time villages, and castles that whisper tales of knights and fairies.

Laconia is one of those places that just a few trips are not enough to get to know it.  

Three of its unique hotels are the reason to start for another 3-day trip to its beauty. So, are you coming?

We start from Areopolis

Perhaps the most beautiful village of Mani, Areopolis is built from stone and the material of its legends.

Every stroll around its stone-built alleys reveals another detail that you haven’t noticed, another flowery balcony, or another tower of Mani that counts its History in centuries.

Here you will taste the authentic cuisine of Mani (delicious siglino, pasto pork cured pork meat which is smoked) and sausages to lick your fingers clean) at the tables that the taverns place at the cobbled streets in the afternoons, when the sun shines bright.




You will also visit the impressive Byzantine Museum of Mani that is housed in the Pikoulakis Tower, and the church of Agios Ioannis, built by the Mavromichalis family, with the beautiful wall paintings that date back to 1746.

Overnight stay #1: Ariá Estate

A few kilometers outside Areopolis, climbed in an altitude that overlooks the sea like a ship ready to sail, Ariá hosts us to its fantastic apartments and suites and pamper us with special treatments that rejuvenate body and soul in its incomparable spa.

Here the day closes with the spectacular view of the sun diving in the sea, as you can see it without exception from all the rooms of the hotel, and the next day begins with handmade breakfast made of pure, local products.

Meanwhile, you will have fallen in love with the subtle luxury of its rooms so much that you won’t want to leave.

To live the dream at Ariá Estate Suites & Spa book  here.

We have more about Ariá Estate Suites & Spa here.  Ariá Estate



Follow us   manitraveler_gr   to explore Mani, the wild side of Greece! 


 94 kilometers

 1 hour and 47 minutes of driving


The route to Archangelos village crosses the out-of-this-world landscapes of Mani to end up at Gytheio, the perfect stop for coffee by the sea. Then we’ll continue our way towards Skala and Molai of Laconia, and go down to Laconia’s green side until we reach the tiny, undiscovered Archangelos village, which is our next stop.


A day at Laconia’s Archangelos village

Archangelos is one of those places that generously offers not only its beauty, but also the joy of discovery.

Because really, for how many villages of Peloponnese can you still feel that you unearth a secret when you first look at them? Nestled under the shadow of imposing rocks that seem like touching the sky, Archangelos balances at the edge of a sandy peninsula, with its few, tiny houses almost reaching the sea.

It is a beautiful, small village and an ideal base to explore other secret places around it too, like the green Balis Gorge that the lovers of hiking will adore, and Plytra with the submerged ancient city of Asopos under its transparent waters.

Overnight stay #2: Hotel Palazzo

Two steps away from the sea, the almost island-like building with the blue windows that houses Hotel Palazzo embraces a green garden and awaits to accommodate us in elegant, stylish rooms equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities for a super relaxing stay.

At the café- restaurant of the hotel, which looks like it is hanging above the sea, we can enjoy not only homemade dishes, fresh sea food and delicious appetizers, but also refreshing coffee and drinks under the sound of lounge music- since it would be sacrilege to cover the sound of the waves’ splashing. 

To experience a unique hospitality at Hotel Palazzo, book here.

More details about Palazzo here.  Hotel Palazzo


 32.5 kilometres

 41 minutes of driving


Our route towards the third and last destination of our small trip, embraces the outskirts of Balis Gorge, passes through Talanta village that worths a stop to see one of the remaining operating watermills, and crosses spectacular landscapes before it ends up in the one and only Monemvasia. 

What is it like to live in a castle?

Few things in the world can compare to the magic of Monemvasia.

No matter how many times you pass its gate, how many kilometers you walk on its stone-built alleys, or how many times you climb, trying to catch your breath, towards the Upper Town and its Agia Sofia, you can never get used to it.

You can never get bored. Because here History comes alive, the castle is not just a sight to visit, but it is a vibrant city, like a time machine, which guarantees you that by coming here you won’t just see a castle. You will live it. 

If you insist on the sight-seeing, it has that too: The Archaeological Collection that narrates its long History, the house where the famous Greek poet Giannis Ritsos was born and lived, and its byzantine churches, all compete for your time- no matter how much you have on your disposal, it would never be enough. More details about Monemvasia here.

Overnight stay #3:  Malvazia Traditional Hotels

Three hundred meters from the castle’s gate, where the stone-paved main street of Monemvasia ends, there nestles the central stone building of the traditional Malvasia Hotels.

Seven historical houses of Monemvasia joined together to create one of the first hotels of the castle, without the slightest alteration to their special, traditional architecture.

Almost all of Malvasia’s rooms overlook the endless blue of the Myrtoo Sea from their windows or their balconies, and all of them are decorated with traditional furniture and handmade rags.

Each room is different in its uniqueness, so it is hard to choose between them. 

Of the same mindset are also the rest of the group's hotels, the impressive Stellaki Mansion that is built on the wall and the historical Ritsos Guesthouse at the centre of the castle, on the way to Portelo,the only exit to the sea.

Book now your stay in one of the the three traditional Malvasia Hotels and live an unforgettable experience.  Book  here.

More information about  Malvazia Traditional Hotels

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