We went to Ariá Estate Suites & Spa in Mani

And you should go too

By Iro Kounadis

It’s like a small piece of another era having dreamt of sea and came to spend the holidays in Mani.

This is your first thought as you cross the garden gate of Ariá Estate to walk through the small vineyard and reach the central building that has a very close resemblance to a Manian tower house. 

You walk under the entrance arch (since you can’t have a tower house without an arch!) and enter a place taken out of your dream vacations.

The little stone dwelling of Ariá Estate spreads to the sea horizon in the East, as you overlook it from the big balcony of the central building where the foyer and the breakfast area are situated.

The stone houses are built with the authentic Manian stone, this light-colored, silver coated stone, which reflects the famous light of Mani.

A few kilometers southern of Limeni, in which we are now, the French Research Institute found out that here we see the brightest light in the entire Mediterranean. That explains everything.

Fifteen suites of incomparable beauty and a wonderful villa consist the small stone village of Ariá. The balconies, the yards and the roofs, all of them overlook the sea that spreads in front of them.

There is not even a trace of land across it to interrupt the endless blue which constantly changes colors as the day progresses, till it gives its place to the fantastic golden pink color of the sun that dives in the sea like it bows to the beauty of the land. 

The door of my suite opens to a private yard with stone walls filled with the fragrance of oleander and lavender, the sea view on the one side and Mt. Taygetos bulks to the other side and the sound of birds chirping and cicadas singing, creating all together the perfect atmosphere.

This is the only thing interrupting the tranquility of the place, even though at this hour the hotel is full.

The stone houses that host the Ariá suites are interconnected with paths paved with fine gravel, like the one we have in the open air cinemas, stairs and plateaus with swings and garden chaise longue on them placed at the spots with the best view. 

Chaise longue and sunbeds to sit and enjoy the sea view, to calm your soul, are available in all the guest yards and verandas.

<<Most of our guests are repeaters from Switzerland, Austria and Italy who came in the last two years that Ariá is operating, and returned. This makes us really happy>>as sweet Anna from the reception told me while we were drinking our coffee at the big veranda of the central building, overlooking the sea. 

As she explained to me, breakfast is different every day-what always stays the same though, is the incomparable quality of the products and the fact that they’re always handmade: even bread is kneaded daily by Alma, who does a great job in the kitchen.

I confirm that- I’ve just tried an amazing oven omelettte with Manian sausages, homemade apple pie, freshly kneaded bread with sun dried tomato and Manian graviera cheese, an exemplary rice pudding and a fruit salad that smells like summer.

My breakfast, which also includes freshly squished orange juice and all kinds of coffee, is served on the table, something that was happening before the Covid-19 legislation bans buffets.

The feeling of familiar luxury doesn’t stop with breakfast : Every small detail inside the suites, from the atmospheric lights and the earthly colors that highlight the stone of the walls till the high quality products, the comfortable mattresses and the high quality of service, is well taken care of so that it radiates our carefree summer vacations as well as the harmony and functionality which creates this great, rare feeling that even if it is just for a while, you won’t have to deal with anything else, since everything is already settled for you. So if that’s not the best way to pamper yourself, we can’t think of anything better.


Practical information…

Ariá Estate Suites & Spa is located a few kilometers outside Mani’s Limeni, very close to unique sites, such as Diros Caves, Cape Tainaro, the entirely stone built Areopolis and the quiet city of Vatheia. Also it is close to some of the nicest beaches of Mani.

The 4 stars hotel operates from Easter to October.

Depending on the time of the year and the type of the suite that you’ll choose, the prices this year start from 100€ per night; a great price considering the quality of the provided services.

Under normal (before the pandemic) circumstances, inside the hotel premises operates a spa and an indoor pool. 

Apart from breakfast, on the big veranda of the central building drinks and cocktails are served to enjoy them along with the sunset and later with the unique starry night sky.


Contact : 

Phone : +30 27334 40500

Email :  [email protected]

website :  Aria-estate.com