The most beautiful beaches of the (Laconian) Mani

That’s the reason Mani is the top summer destination

The out of this world stone landscape of Mani, with the tower houses on top of windy hills, is a reason to love it.

Another reason is the beaches. With their crystal clear waters ending up in mainly pebbled but also sandy coves, which make them some of the most beautiful beaches of the Peloponnese. That’s the reason Mani is the top summer destination

We’ll tell you a secret:

You will enjoy them better in spring, when their water might still be (a lot) cold but the wildflowers are coloring the stone hills around them, the paths are still walkable (in the summer the sun reflects on the stone and makes it difficult to walk) and there are no crowds. Shall we start?



It is also known as the Agia Varvara beach from the homonymous stone church, which is built three steps away from the sea.

There is a golden beach on the outside and small pebbles inside the water, crystal clear waters and bushy oleanders on its back side.

It is also ideal for kids, since it is protected from the winds of the region. It is not organized, but it has taverns that serve fresh sea food on small tables in the sand.  

Kotronas beaches


The central beach of Kotronas is large and sandy, with shallow, crystal clear waters, ideal for small children.

The one you have mostly seen in pictures as “beach of Kotronas”, a pebbled strip of land between two seas, is called Skopa or Nisaki (small island), and if you follow it to its end you will find the small church of Agios Nikolaos on the small “island” (a peninsula, more officially), Skopa.

If you come here feeling like walking a bit more, at the end of the path that crosses the “island” you will find a small, secret, isolated beach, Sikia, which is perfect for hermits, with fantastic waters and natural shades.

A bit further outside Kotronas, on the way to Flomoxori, there is Chalikia Vatta, another amazing beach with big, white pebbles and fantastic blue green waters, perfect for snorkeling.  You should bring your own umbrella because the beach is not organized and there is no shade.

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 Here are also big, white pebbles that are surrounded by emerald waters in the small cove of Alypa.

Traditional stone towers sprout two steps away from the beach, to make sure you dip in the ultimate view of Mani.


It probably has the nicest waters in the entire Mani (yes, even better than the ones in Limeni) and big, white pebbles in and out of the water.

You will find it at the end of the paved road that goes downhill from Agios Kyprianos, with the sun loungers and the umbrellas shining through their absence of course.

Taxiarhis, Kokkala


With its white pebbles,the light blue water, almost like the Cycladic waters, the reed umbrellas that make it look exotic, and the small, stone church of Taxiarhis adorning its edge, Taxiarhis Kokkala is the best choice for the first dip of the day if you’re staying in Kokkala or around there.

Porto Kagio


Nestled in an isolated, pebbled cove, the Porto Kagio beach is partly organized and partly with a free space where you can lay your towel if you don’t like the sun loungers.

Famous for its taverns that serve fresh fish on tables outside, the beach- as well as the village- has been named after the French Port des Cailles, which means the port of quails.

A few kilometers away from Porto Kagio, Antrogialos is one of the most impressive beaches of Mani from the perspective of landscape, as a small creek ends up in the crystal clear waters and unexpectedly for Mani green hills frame it. However, you can only access it by boat.

Live the whole experience of the beach of Porto Kagio



Many would agree that this is the most beautiful sandy beach of Mani- and they would probably be right.

In fact, it is not one beach but three continuous sandy beaches, all of them with amazing crystal clear waters and a marvelous view of the bare hills that dive in the sea.

The central beach, right in front of the hotel, is the one with the easiest access and it is organized with sun loungers and umbrellas.

The other two are accessible by (easy) paths and are much quieter.

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Crystal clear waters, like pool, white pebbles and a very interesting sea bottom, ideal for snorkeling, compose this unknown for many beach that can guarantee you… your quiet time, even in the middle of August.

You have to walk to get here, through an easy path and it has a rock on its edge, called Gaidouropetra that will excite the lovers of cliff diving.

Live the whole experience of this unique beach

Almyros beach

Very close to Alyka, there is the pebbled cove of Almyros, which is surrounded by blue green waters and has on its side an impressive cave that offers shade to the swimmers, who didn’t bring an umbrella.

There are also big rocks that you can do cliff diving, while on your way here you will see the remnants of ancient Kainipolis.



Actually, Limeni is not a beach

It has though, amazing waters that will definitely tempt you to dive- that’s what everybody does.

The unusual double coloring of the sea, which at first is the ultimate turquoise color and deeper is deep blue, is due to the fact that the water closer to the shore is sweet, thanks to the underwater currents that end up in the sea.

There are rocks and steps that lead to this magical, natural pool to go diving. The sea bottom is sandy and the water is shallow at first and deepens as you go further inside.

Limeni is a picturesque coastal village

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The most beautiful beaches of Greece

On your way to  Peloponnese wish for more days to spend there and bring many swimming suits to dive in some of the most beautiful beaches of the country. 

It is a blessed place with crystal clear green and blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches.

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