Many would agree that this is themost beautiful sandy beach of  Mani- and they would probably be right.

In fact, it is not one beach but three continuous sandy beaches, all of them with amazing crystal clear waters and a marvelous view of the bare hills that dive in the sea.




A place made of stone and light

A rough stone, from which smaller and bigger architectural constructions have been built. A stone on which nature insists on growing colorful wildflowers every spring and on which nothing taller than the wildflowers grows.

Stone that shines under the sun light. A merciless and blinding light that makes your eyes half close as it reflects on the stone.

Mani has something that reminds of Far West. The sign outside the gas station on the exit of Gerolimenas writes “Last gas station” and you can almost imagine the wandering straw balls that slowly roll to the next turn, swept away by the desert wind, as one typical Western scene.

The difference is that here the desert consists of stones, not of sand, and it reaches a sea that shines till the horizon.   

People say that to visit the entire Mani you need three days 


That’s the reason Mani is the top summer destination

The out of this world stone landscape of Mani, with the tower houses on top of windy hills, is a reason to love it.

Another reason is the beaches. With their crystal clear waters ending up in mainly pebbled but also sandy coves, which make them some of the most beautiful beaches of the Peloponnese. That’s the reason Mani is the top summer destination

We’ll tell you a secret :

You will enjoy them better in spring, when their water might still be (a lot) cold but the wildflowers are coloring the stone hills around them, the paths are still walkable (in the summer the sun reflects on the stone and makes it difficult to walk) and there are no crowds. Shall we start?

The most beautiful beaches of the (Laconian) Mani

With sand

With sand









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