The beaches of the Peloponnese

The most beautiful beaches of Greece

On your way to  Peloponnese wish for more days to spend there and bring many swimming suits to dive in some of the most beautiful beaches of the country. It is a blessed place with crystal clear green and blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches.

Take a deep breath and get ready to explore the magical coastal destinations of Peloponnese.

Let’s start from Laconia and its pride, Elafonisos, with Simos Beach and the golden fine sand, and Sarakiniko which attracts visitors from all over the world. Don’t forget to include in your list the postcard-like Limeni, the wonderful Gerolimena, the gorgeous Armyro, the sandy beach heaven of Marmari, and the exotic gulfs of Alypa and Porto Kayio.




A bright summer at the beaches of Monemvasia

The most beautiful beaches of the (Laconian) Mani

The beaches of Laconia


Let’s continue our trip to Messinia for a stroll at its coastline. The well-known Messinian Gulf will always be proud of the green waters of Voidokilia, the beloved Finikounta, Pylos which you’ll remember for a lifetime, and Stoupa, Kardamyli and Kalogria that look like they came straight out of a travel magazine with amazing vacation photos.




We should also visit Achaia and its beaches, like the ones you will see at the picturesque port of Psathopyrgos, the cosmopolitan Logos and Seliniatika, and Pounta, Kryoneri and the heaven-like Panagoula.

All the beaches of Achaia here


Let’s go to Corinth now for a dive at Loutraki with its endless beach or to Lechaiou and Schinou’s waters. The beaches of Megali Mylokopi and Kantare are definitely the places that you will make wonderful memories by the sea, as well as at the Sykia beach.

The beaches of Corinth are excellent


As we leave those places behind, we’ll continue our journey towards the Arcadian land, where we’ll find coves with crystal clear water at the magical Coastal Astros like the beaches of Atsiganos and Lileika.Xyropigado, Tyros, Fokianos and Plaka beaches are exceptional choices for every sunbather, while the picturesque Poulithra and Livadi are the perfect choice to relax by the sea.

The beaches of Arcadia


Those of us who are heading to Argoliswe’re looking for the route on the map towards Karathona, Vivari and Kondyli beaches as they are places that you can hardly find in the rest of the Peloponnese.


Arvanitia beach, the cosmopolitan Tolo which is a point of attraction for thousands of visitors, Drepano, Lepitsa, Salanti and Kiveri all worth a stop on our summer road trip, as the Peloponnesian land is blessed with so much natural beauty.

All the beaches of Argolida here


Our last stop is Ilia that has sworn admirers and travelers from all around the world.

The out of this world beauty of the beach across the Kaiafas Lake is a reason all by itself to visit Ilia.

Another reason is the beaches of Kourouta and the endless Zacharo Beach, which every corner of it looks like a painting. On the must visit list are included the beaches of Glyfa, Kounoupely, Kato Samiko and Agios Andreas  that you have to visit with your swim suit and dive in their crystal clear waters.

The beaches of Ilia have wonderful corners to enjoy the sun and the sea


In summer, Peloponnese reminds something from an island

Tolo, Iria and Kantia: Where Argolis dives in the sea

A place made of stone and light

The wonder of the theatre is just the beginning

No matter how much you travel Greece, cities like Kalamata will be hard to find

Accommodation in Peloponnese