The beaches of Achaia

Clear waters

Although the cities and villages of Achaea  are popular and often chosen winter destinations, this does not mean that the prefecture does not have beautiful beaches where its visitors can dive into their crystal-clear waters and enjoy the sun.

Kalogria with its vast sandy beach next to the wonderful Forest of Strofilia stands out together with Gianniskari which has clear blue waters and a golden sandy beach drowned by the verdant green forest.

If you are looking for a beach with fine sand and comfortable organizational infrastructure, then the beach of Kato Achaia will reward you, while the picturesque port of Psathopyrgos with its deep and clear waters is something you won’t be able to forget.

Kato Rodini, with its transparent waters, has also given beautiful memories to the travelers who have been in its parts, as has Panagopoula, which is the hidden treasure of Aegialia.

Logos and Selianitika, on the other hand, with their fine pebbles take the world travelers’ breath away when they visit them.

If you are looking for a beautiful blue pebbly beach, Digeliotika seems to be the best choice. At the same time, the famous beaches of Pounta, which are among the best in the Northern Peloponnese, the mansion Egali in Diakopto as well as Akrata and Porovitsa will make you want to take off your clothes and dive into their emerald waters.

Don't forget Kryoneri, but also the rising Vrachneika, as well as Aegira, which catches the attention of travelers with its natural harbors. 

Rio Beach

The beach of Rio is famous for its clear waters while another advantage is the shadow that the castle offers in the afternoon.

 In addition, there are many who refer to it as a secret beach, because it is not initially visible from the main road.

You will not find any places for sun loungers, coffee or food but the scenery is rewarding.

Kalogria beach

The beach of "Kalogria" or "Kalogria" is one of the most famous of Achaia, and not only that. During the summer season a large number of people come here from various places: mainly from the surrounding area, western Achaia, Patras and its wider area, as well as parts of Ilia.

It is a long beach with clear waters and sand, where combined with Strofylia forest is an idyllic place.

There are also sand dunes, the most impressive of which are in the north.

Gianniskari beach

Gianniskari is one of Achaia's  most inaccessible beaches to reach.

To get to Gianniskari you will have to climb uphill by car following the signposted road, passing through a narrow alley, then down the slope  and next to the woods surrounding the whole area. Getting there though, wil reward you for all the trouble.

It is a beach inside a narrow cove surrounded by the forest of the area and characterized by the endless sand that is there.

As for the waters? The warm, blue, clear waters that turn green when one reaches close to the bay that separates it from Kalogria beach, in a shallow sea that along with the others, resembles an exotic island.

Lakkopetra Beach

Washed by the Gulf of Patras, the beach of Lakkopetra is marked by its clear, blue-green waters and sandy beach. It lies southwest of the Achaean capital (half an hour away), at a distance of 3km from the Lakkopetra settlement and 8km from Araxos.

In several parts, the large pine trees become one with the sea, forming a unique landscape, generously offering dense shade to bathers. A large part of the beach is serviced. Considered an excellent tourist destination, it boasts many of hotels, restaurants and beach bars, which are part of the scenery.

Drepanos Beach

Lying on the northernmost tip of the Peloponnese, approximately 16km northeast of Patras and opposite Nafpaktos and the coasts of Etoloakarnania, the beach of Drepanos is washed by the Gulf of Corinth and enjoys great tourism development as a celebrated summer destination.

Trees reaching almost to the sea ensure dense shade for bathers, proving ample space to sit and enjoy the beauty of the seascape.

Largely unserviced, it is therefore among the top preferences for those seeking a relaxed and peaceful stay. Its small serviced part is dominated by umbrellas and beach bars.

Aigeira Beach

Large, beautiful, with crystal-clear, blue-green waters, the beach of Aigeira is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation located in the homonymous picturesque town. Embracing the Gulf of Corinth, it lies 6km from Akrata and 4km from Derveni.

Pebbly and surrounded by trees and reeds, located on the border of Achaia with Corinthia, almost unserviced and relatively isolated, its charming natural environment is suitable for those looking for tranquility and peace.

Akoli Beach

Just under 5km northwest of Aigio, very close to the village of Selianitika and part of the Rododafni community, Akoli (also known as Avythos), is a large and pebbly beach, considered one of the most popular in Aigialeia and Achaia.

The fine pebbles on the large sandy beach, the limited natural shade and its crystal-clear waters evoke an island-like feel.

Serviced for the most part, the beach is impressive for its water color and depth and is therefore highly recommended for those who love to swim in the deep.

Psathopyrgos Beach

Situated east of Patras, small in area and relatively deep, with the Gulf of Corinth showering it, the beach of Psathopyrgos is best known for its crystal-clear waters.

Mostly pebbled, with steps to facilitate bathers’ easy access to the sea, the beach is partly serviced, with traditional taverns and cafes lying quietly along it, in a unique setting.

Adjacent to the settlement’s small port, it superbly combines mountain and sea, with the green foothills of Mount Ziria reaching almost the picturesque cove of the village.



The beaches of Achaia

Whether you are looking for organized options and beach bars or the wilderness offered by their hidden beauties, the beaches of Achaea will leave you speechless.

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