7 days in Achaia

A charming destination

In the northwestern part of Peloponnese, one distinguishes Achaia, which is a pole of attraction for visitors, all year round, since it combines sea with mountains, as it is sufficiently blessed by nature.

The hospitality of its people, the country's most famous and loved carnival that takes place in the capital, the ski resort in Kalavrita, the delicious food options at taverns and restaurants of the area and the thousands of years history that this place carries, conclude what the Achaean land consists of and invite you to discover it.

And if a week seems a bit short, it is certainly enough to get a first-class taste of the area. 


Day 1, Patra

Our journey begins at the capital, as well as the port of the prefecture, which is a commercial and shipping hub for the whole Europe, since many years ago.

A charming city, cradle of Greek culture that brings to mind Lilliputian carnivalists, the Upper Town's Hammam (which is the only one operating in Greece with Turkish thermal baths) and the unique architectural value of the Roman Conservatory of Patras.

Romantic and nostalgic, Patras urges you to visit its Medieval castle, built on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis, which awakens feelings of awe and admiration in you.

The Tower of Achaia Klaus is anecessary stop while you're en route, as it is the first Greek winery, built in 1861 and to this day, produces some of the most famous Greek wines with Mavrodaphni being, without a doubt, its pride. The wooden aging barrels dated to 1873 are clearly this place's attraction. 


Stairs of Agios Nikolaos


Day 2, Kalavryta

A great place that, in addition to its immense history, has a natural landscape of shocking beauty. Undoubtedly, it is the most popular winter destination in the Peloponnesian district thanks to the ski center at the foot of Helmos and the area's lush forests.

The Great Cave and Agia Lavra are two necessary stops, as are the founts of the Aroani River, that reach the fairytale Planeteros, with its famous trout farms and the wild beauty of the centuries-old plane trees. In the picturesque town of Kalavryta, with its narrow streets and legendary taverns, you will taste culinary treasures and enjoy the warm hospitality of the residents.

Fifteen kilometers outside Kalavryta, in the village of Kastria, lies the Cave of the Lakes, a nature's treasure consisting of thirteen tiered lakes and atmospherically lit paths that meander past strange formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Close to it, the Taxiarchis waterfalls in the small village of Ano Vlasia, will reward you with their wonderful sight.


Day 3, Zachlorou

Leaving Kalavryta behind us, one follows the green and verdant route to the beautiful Zachlorou. There, you will be greeted by the town's trademark, the stone cog railway, at the Vouraikos Canyon, in the middle of the Diakoftos - Kalavryta route.

By the river, you will discover traditional local dishes. This specific route awakens the walker in you, as it has a variety of hidden paths in the forests of the area, one of which leads to the Great Cave.

A landscape of cinematic beauty with an idyllic view that is buzzing of travellers almost all year round.


Day 4, Zarouchla

You continue from here to Zarouchla, following a wonderful route of an hour and a half, until you find yourself in the quaint stone-built village,that is very well-known of its famous Jazz bar built in the cool shade the forests of Helmos offer.

A stop at the legendary Golfos' fountain is non negotiable, just before you dive into the Lake Tsivlou and then you move forward to the waterfall near Solo.

Streams, lakes and shady paths in a landscape of unfathomable beauty that every visitor dreams of experiencing at least for a while. The route leads to the Waters of Stigos, where Thetis plunged Achilles into the water that made him immortal. It is almost worshiped for its rich natural beauty. A landscape that looks almost alpine, blessed with virgin forests and mountains of wild beauty.


Day 5, Aigio

This is the second largest city of the prefecture after Patras, famous for its breezy harbors and picturesque seaside villages that look out over the blue-green waters of the area. The Mycenaean tombs at Psila Alonia Square  and the Archaeological Museum (built by Chiller) in the restored Palaia Agora are undoubtedly cultural monuments of the area, while the Metropolitan Church of Faneromeni collects the admiring glances of its visitors.

Strolling around the surrounding villages will be proven wonderful, especially if you come across Logos, but also the beautiful villages of Rododafni, Digeliotika, Temeni, Valimitika and Plataniotissa.

Discover the beaches of Achaia


Travel Tips

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Day 6, Diakopto

A seaside town known in Greece for its famous stone cog railway,that is over 120 years old. This route captivates the visitor and is only 30 kilometers away from Kalavrita, offering a unique journey that combines nature and sea, giving us landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

Diakopto (or Diakofto) has three beaches, the most famous of which is Egali, which is particularly popular with visitors from both Greece and the rest of the world, thanks to its crystal clear waters.

The other two beached (with blue waters and fine pebbles) seem to be an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the crowds and enjoy an enchanting scenery.


Day 7, Akrata

One of the regions that has had more and more visitors in the recent years, thanks to the development of the tourist infrastructure of the region that highlighted the coasts and the blue-green and crystal clear sea.

The area attracts those interested in the great religious and cultural tradition of it, thanks to the post-Byzantine monastery of Agia Triada that hosts valuable relics, such as a handwritten gospel of 1672.

Literally next to Akrata you will find another hidden natural gem that is one of the most beautiful, yet unknown "wonders of nature". These are the Lepida Waterfalls, which you must visit and of course, photograph.



Live a full experience in Ahaia and visit the Mega Spilaio Estate

At an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, the visitor has the opportunity to visit the Mega Spileo Estate, exploring its exquisite vineyards. Discover the place of provenance of high quality wines, many of which hold significant recognition and awards. It is essential before leaving this enchanting place, to taste some of these wines!

Mega Spileo Estate ⇒ ⇒  A timeless jewel, a reference point for wine lovers, the Mega Spileo Estate


A rare travel and wine experience in the debts of the most historic vineyard in the Peloponnese

An imposing natural landscape that culminates in a unique Greek terroir. A journey with many wonderful destinations blessed by the Great Vine.

A place that carries centuries of history and constantly gives birth to new travel and wine experiences. The opportunities to find yourself again in Northern Peloponnese increase throughout the year.  

A place that carries centuries of history and constantly gives birth to new travel and wine experiences

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5 days trip







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