A rare travel and wine experience in the debts of the most historic vineyard in the Peloponnese

A place that carries centuries of history and constantly gives birth to new travel and wine experiences

An imposing natural landscape that culminates in a unique Greek terroir. A journey with many wonderful destinations blessed by the Great Vine.

A place that carries centuries of history and constantly gives birth to new travel and wine experiences. The opportunities to find yourself again in Northern Peloponnese increase throughout the year.  Explore the Northern Peloponnese


Mega Spileo

The Monastery of Mega Spileo is the oldest active monastery in Greece and the second oldest in the world, after the Sinai Monastery.

It takes its name from the location, seemingly hanging on the rock, as it is built into a large cave (Spileo) with a magnificent and unobstructed view of the Vouraikos Gorge.

The monastery was constructed in 362 AD by the Thessalonian monk brothers, Symeon and Theodore, at the spot where the Holy Icon of the Virgin Mary was found.

It serves as a beacon of Orthodoxy and a distinct point of reference in Greek religious history and beyond.


Α unique Greek terroir

In the heart of the Helmos-Vouraikos National Geopark in Northern Peloponnese, one of the Protected Areas of the Natura 2000 Network, lies the Mega Spileo Estate. This place, full of ancient legends and historical traditions, features high peaks, plateaus, and rugged gorges that create a unique natural beauty and a distinct microclimate, making it suitable for vine cultivation.

Yiannis and Theodoros Anastasiou have been tirelessly working since 1999 when they took over the estate through a long-term lease from the Monastery, with the vision of reviving the historic vineyard that has since taken center stage.

A permanent destination for wine lovers from around the world, the Mega Spileo Estate embraces the principles of organic cultivation, expressing centuries-old traditions in viticulture and winemaking, while producing distinctive wines with intense personality, charming aromas, and complexity.

This unique terroir produces high-quality wines that enjoy international recognition from esteemed wine critics. Simultaneously, the awards for the labels of Mega Spileo Estate, covering varieties such as Mavrodaphne, Black Kalavrytino, Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Lagorthi, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, never cease, both in Greece and abroad.

The doors of the Estate are always open to wine enthusiasts, explorers, wanderers, and simple travelers, offering tasting programs that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Depending on the mood and desires of the visitors, the Estate organizes guided tours in the vineyards and the restored winery, along with wine tastings featuring local and international varieties. You can also enjoy an unforgettable walk among the vineyards including tastings of selected varieties from local grapes.

Each of these tours resembles a complete gastronomic journey enriched with activities, visits, and excursions, constituting an unforgettable experience of wine culture in an environment of rare natural beauty for wine lovers.

An authentic destination for a unique wine experience


From Mega Spileo to Agia Lavra

From one historic monastery to another, the Peloponnesian trip goes on from Mega Spileo to Agia Lavra, which is located 5 kilometers outside of Kalavryta and is the cradle of our national regeneration.

Nestled in a natural landscape of unique beauty, it emerges from the foothills of Mount Velia and overlooks Kalavryta through majestic plane trees that generously cast their sturdy shade upon the faithful and visitors alike.

The monastery houses treasures of immense historical value, such as the famous flag raised here by Germanos of Old Patras, marking the beginning of the Greek Revolution.


Α journey through time in Helmos’ fairies palace

The mythical Cave of the Lakes is perhaps the most impressive cave in the country, thanks to the thirteen natural lakes spread across three levels, creating a stunning natural landscape with an eerie beauty.

Its ceiling reaches 30 meters above your head, generating a majestic atmosphere. The pathways wind among impressive stalactites and stalagmites that "sculpt" jellyfish, castles, and imaginary towers.



A magical scene accompanies the memories born after a visit to the sources of the Aroanios River, crossing a forest straight out of a fairy tale.

The age-old plane trees dress the area in a thick carpet of golden-red leaves every autumn, a feast for the eyes. Similarly, in spring, a thick green, reminiscent of a painting, spreads across the region.

At the famous trout farms of the area, it is a must to taste the renowned trout, rightly serving as a magnet for countless visitors.


The Waterfalls of Ano Vlasia

The waterfalls of Taxiarhis are located 25 kilometers away from Kalavryta, very close to the village called Ano Vlasia. For years, they were a hidden Peloponnesian secret that, once revealed, attracted a multitude of visitors from Greece and abroad.

The enchanting landscape that unfolds before you will captivate you, offering wonderful photographic memories. Access is easy even for novice hikers.


Hiking in Vouraikos

Vouraikos always serves as a distinct reference point for our Peloponnesian road trip. Thanks to it, we can enjoy one of the most picturesque and perhaps the most beautiful railway routes in the country, starting from Kalavryta and reaching up to Diakofto.

Nevertheless, we echo the words of the locals who invite you to hike in the Vouraikos Gorge to encounter unparalleled scenes of natural beauty through a spectacular trail. The memories of this hike are destined to last forever.


Where Olympian Gods should stay

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At Amario Suites Hotel, located in the area of Aigio, the unique historical past harmoniously combines with modern luxury and sophisticated decor, offering a once-in-a-lifetime hospitality experience.

The iconic building of Amario Suites Hotel has a long history dating back to 1933 and is now a state-of-the-art hotel unit equipped with all the necessary amenities for you to feel like an Olympian God during your stay.

With a name inspired by an epithet of Zeus, Amario Suites Hotel is brimming with premium amenities that guarantee a comfortable and relaxing stay, offering a mesmerizing and highly enchanting view of the Corinthian Gulf.

The high aesthetic of the space, combined with the sunny and brightly lit suites, is sure to captivate you, while its high-quality and flavorful breakfast will tantalize your taste buds.

Armed with its fantastic location on the beach of Aigio, Amario Suites Hotel serves as an ideal starting point to explore the wider area and its beloved beauties, making it one of the most popular destinations not only in the Peloponnese but throughout the entire country.

The ultimate combination of Premium Hospitality & unique experiences
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