Mega Spileo Estate

A one-of-a-kind Greek terroir

An authentic destination for a unique wine experience!

Mega Spileo Estate is located at the heart of the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Geopark in the Northern Peloponnese, a protected area belonging to the Natura 2000 network.

Steeped in ancient legends and historical traditions, this is a land of tall mountains, plateaus and sheer gorges, a unique geological blend of striking natural beauty and micro-climates ideal for viticulture.

At the vineyards of the Mega Spileo Estate, grapes are cultivated along the principles of organic agriculture and according to long viticulture and wine-making traditions, producing exquisite wines with bold character, striking aromas and complexity.

The Mega Spileo Estate is a jewel of Greece’s wine tradition, and offers connoisseurs and visitors a rare, authentic wine experience.


Mega Spileo Estate is intrinsically bound to one of the most significant religious monuments and reference points in Greek history. The Mega Spileo Monastery is the oldest continuously occupied such institution in Greece and the 2nd in the world, after St Catherine’s Monastery on Mt Sinai. It was named after its location, built inside a large cave in the Vouraikos Gorge near Kalavryta.

The Monastery was established in 362 AD by the brothers Symeon and Theodore, both monks from Thessaloniki, who discovered a Holy icon of the Virgin Mary here.

The icon is made of mastic and wax, and was fashioned by Luke the Evangelist. The monastery has functioned continuously ever since, a beacon of Orthodoxy despite the major destruction it suffered from fires in 840, 1400, 1640 and 1934.

The last of these was lit by the German occupation forces, which also pillaged the monastery. However, the Holy Icon made it through all these disasters miraculously untouched.


Mega Spileo Estate today

A new chapter opened for Mega Spileo in 1999, when brothers Giannis & Theodoros Anastasiou received a long-term lease on the Estate from the Monastery.

Guided by their vision of revitalising the historical vineyard, Giannis and Theodoros, along with their team of experienced wine producers and oenologists re-planted vines and implemented best practices for the cultivation and the production of quality wine, creating a completely new and unique Estate. The Mega Spileo Estate.

The local varieties Mavrodaphne, Mavro Kalavritino and Lagorthi, as well as the international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, are cultivated here.

With its top-quality products, Mega Spileo Estate has become a point of reference for Greek wine production, earning recognition and awards both in Greece and abroad.



Our wines are produced from grapes cultivated in four vineyards of about 28 hectares in total, in the mountains of Achaia. Its exceptional local climate, diverse terrain, degrees of exposure and altitude make the region a prime area for vine cultivation and the production of exquisite wines.

The Achaian mountain slopes, notably the Estate’s carefully selected vineyards, are ideal for the cultivation of a plethora of local and international varieties, making our vineyards some of the most prominent in Greece.

This unique terroir produces high-quality wines that have earned awards one after the other, as well as accolades from prominent wine critics.

Mavrodafni, Mavro Kalavritino, Malagousia, Assyrtiko, Lagorthi, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and many other varieties are cultivated on the Estate’s 4 vineyards. Our location, together with our expertise and the passion we pour into our work are the secret to our ever-growing success!


Our People

As an integrated cultivation and production unit, the Estate depends on its people, their love for their homeland and their passion for vines and wine.

Our founders, Giannis and Theodoros Anastasiou, handpicked people with knowledge, experience and passion for their work, who share the vision of reviving the historical vineyard.

The vintners, oenologists and employees of the Estate constitute a dynamic and forward-thinking group inspired by original wine-making traditions.

Our collective efforts are based on our shared vision of producing exceptional wines, with respect for the environment, care for the earth and preservation of our priceless natural and cultural heritage.



Our location in the heart of the Chelmos-Vouraikos Geopark, one of the seven Greek Global UNESCO Geoparks, is a priceless heritage, one which we at Mega Spileo Estate have sought to safeguard from the very beginning, with adherence to the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection.

As part of its espousal of sustainable agriculture, the Estate has laid the foundations for future prosperity by implementing good practices to protect biodiversity and the delicate natural beauty of the region with respect to the time-honoured local viticultural traditions.



At Mega Spileo Estate our roots run deep. Faith in our values and successive investments, but above all our love, respect and passion for the vine and producing the best wine we can, have made our products famous both in Greece and abroad.

We have developed a wide distribution network in the domestic market, and a large percentage of our production is exported to Europe and globally. The wines produced at Mega Spileo Estate are exported to 50 countries on all five continents.

Guided by our eye for quality and desire for both innovation and healthy development, at the Estate we are always on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges both locally and internationally. At the same time, we continue to support and maintain trust-based relationships with our customers and lovers of Greek wine throughout the world.


Wine Tourism

With its doors open to wine lovers, excursionists and ordinary travellers, the estate has modern hospitality facilities and offers tasting programmes designed by our team.

From a leisurely stroll through the vineyards tasting selected wines of local varieties, to a complete tasting journey enriched with activities, visits and excursions, wine lovers could live an unforgettable experience of wine culture in an environment of rare natural beauty. 


Contact us
Mega Spileo Offices: Gefyra Meganiti, 25 100 Aegio, Greece
Tel: +30 26910 71555, Fax: +30 26910 72201
website :
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