The beaches of Ilia have wonderful corners to enjoy the sun and the sea

Guarantee crystal clear green waters

Ilia is famous for many things, but the most well-known is the beaches.

Across the  Kaiafas Lake  there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, looking like it came straight out of a painting.

If you find yourself in Amaliada you should visit the famous Kourouta beach with the golden sand.

On the other hand, Zacharo takes pride as it is the largest beach in Europe with more than 60 kilometers of beach and inviting waters that reflect the happy faces of its thousands of visitors.

At the Killini Baths with the golden sand   and at the adorable Thines beach with the shades you’ll find two endless beaches that you’d want to stay in them forever.

If you have to choose a place to enjoy  the sunset this betterbe Arkoudi,  which is amphitheatrically built and has a spectacular view to Arkoudi beach that is a meeting place for both the romantic souls and for the not so romantic ones.

A few kilometers away there is Glyfa beach with golden sand and green all around it that promises dives you’ll find hard to forget. Kounoupeli and Agia Marina of Douneika beaches are the rising “beach stars” of the past years as they gather more and more tourists who are attracted by their beauty.

At Skafidia and Leventohori there is a colorful blast of blue and green that is obvious from the amount of tourists visiting their beaches.

The  Lower Samiko  and Agios Andreas are also great options that can guarantee crystal clear green waters and wonderful tips to enjoy the sun and the sea.


Kouroutas beach

Kourouta beach is located in the bay of Chelonitis and is a nesting site for the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle.

The swimming shore is a coastal section of a smaller open bay, 16.5 km long.

The beach is 5400 m long, 25 m wide and southwest oriented.

The coastal zone and the seabed are composed of sand.

The coastal zone is partially modified due to the existence of permanent buildings and a wall at its boundary.

On the coast there is sporadic vegetation of salt marshes, reeds, as well as sand dunes and sea lilies. Marine biodiversity includes chlorophyll, while scattered cumin (jellyfish) occur.

The bathing waters in the first meters are shallow and the bottom slope gently (at a distance of 150 m from the shore the depth reaches 5 m). Access to the beach is via the new Patras-Pyrgos national road.

Parts of the beach are organized and have facilities such as umbrellas, sun loungers, changing rooms, showers, buckets and waste baskets.

On the coast there are wooden corridors to facilitate access to the beach, a mobile snack bar and a restaurant to serve the public and a lifeguard for bathing safety.

The coast is mainly used for swimming and the activities developed are water sports (motor / canoeing / sailing / biking)

Glyfa beach

Quieter and less 'cosmopolitan' than the beaches of the wider area but just as beautiful as them, with golden sand and crystal clear waters.

Its main asset is the beautiful forest behind the beach.

With its sand and its vast area, it is a typical beach of Ilia, close to Bartholomio.

It is considered a relatively quiet beach, although there are quite a few small hotels along its coast.

The small harbor of the maritime group of the region is one of its typical characteristics.

Zacharo Beach

Zacharo Beach is a beautiful endless beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters.

Here vacationers can indulge in windsurfing and other water sports.

They can also take romantic walks in the view of the idyllic sunset.

There is a tourist kiosk that turns into a restaurant - refreshment and club.

As well as another restaurant further south where the Beach Volley tournament is also hosted.

Epitalio Beach

Epitalio Beach is located in the Gulf of Kyparissia and is approximately 10 km from Pyrgos.

The bathing shore is the 68 km long coastal part of the open Kyparissi Gulf. Both the coastal zone and the seabed are sandy.

The coastal zone is partially modified due to the existence of buildings on the coast and at its boundary. Marine biodiversity mainly includes chlorophyll at the mouth of rivers and streams, with scattered molluscs (bivalve shells) appearring.

The waters where you can dive in the first meters are shallow and the inclination of the bottom is small  (at a distance of 120 m from the shore the depth reaches 5 m).

Access to the beach is by car, via the Kalamata-Pyrgos road network.

A small part of the beach is organized and has bathing facilities, such as umbrellas, sun loungers, showers, changing rooms and waste baskets. There is a refreshment bar on the coast.

Kaiafas Beach

Being part of the coast of the Gulf of Kyparissia, and a natural and undisturbed extension of the Zacharo beach, the beach of Kaiafas’ length exceeds 15km, with an average width of 30m and a southwest orientation.

Shallow, sandy both in and out of the sea, with a smooth seafloor slope, the beach is excellent for swimming and also suitable for water sports.

The serviced parts of the beach feature all modern amenities, including umbrellas and sunbeds, showers and changing rooms. In the northern part of the coast, the Kaiafas lagoon joins the Gulf of Kyparissia, while the Zaharaiiko and Tholos streams flow along it.

Skafidia Beach

The beach of Skafidia, some 12km northwest of Pyrgos, is spread out in a secluded cove and is an excellent choice for coolness and recreation. Very small and shallow, with crystal clear and warm waters, the beach is a favorite choice for small children; it is mainly sandy, with only some rocks at its ends.

It is believed that it has been probably named after its shape, but certainly, surrounded by abundant greenery, it is considered very picturesque and of wild beauty.

Paleochori -Bouka Beach

Situated at a distance of 6km from the town of Gastouni and five minutes from the settlement of Paleochori, the beach of Bouka, with its huge length of over 3km, is surrounded by low vegetation and welcomes in its arms the mouth of the river Pineios.

Sandy and in a southwest orientation, the beach has moderately deep waters and its coastal zone is about 30m wide.



The beaches of Ilia have wonderful corners to enjoy the sun and the sea

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