The beaches of Laconia

With the green waters

Laconia is famous for its beaches and if you visit the prefecture it is certain you’ll come back to dive in its green waters.

First you should visit Elafonisos with Simos Beach and the white fine sand of Sarakiniko that has admirers all over the world.

Then Gytheio with its Valtaki beach that has a legendary shipwreck there, Vathi with its wonderful coves hidden in lush vegetation and Mavrovouni which is a meeting spot for all the surfers in Peloponnese.

If you find yourself in Monemvasia you must visit the beaches of Maggano, Charakia with its golden sand spreading in 3 kilometers, and the cosmopolitan Plytra with the crystal clear waters.

Also the beloved Pounta in Vatika and Neapoli beach capture you with their unique waters and their natural beauty.

Another destination is the gorgeous cove of Panagia at the Kastania Cave that has become a hot destination for thousands of visitors. As for the Laconian Mani, it is a completely separate place on its own.

You should consider that you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime the wonderful Limeni, Gerolimena, the magical Armyro, the sandy beach of Marmari, the exotic gulfs of  Alypa and Porto Kayio, as well as the almost-Cycladic waters of  Taxiarhis beach in Kokkala.


What steals the show from everyone and everything in Elafonisos is definitely the many times sang Simos beach



The out of this world stone landscape of Mani, with the tower houses on top of windy hills, is a reason to love it.  Another reason is the beaches

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The beaches of the Municipality of Monemvasia are like postcard sceneries from our childhood:

Sandy beaches or adorned with colorful sea shells beaches, windless gulfs hidden at the end of the road or spacious, easily accessed, sandy beaches organized so that you don’t miss anything.

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