Summer at the beaches of Monemvasia

A bright summer at the beaches of Monemvasia

A big, red sun’s last minute dive in the waters of the Myrtoo Sea.

Golden dunes smoothly reaching turquoise waters that deep down, on the horizon line, mix with an unclouded sky.   

The beaches of the Municipality of Monemvasia are like postcard sceneries from our childhood: Sandy beaches or adorned with colorful sea shells beaches, windless gulfs hidden at the end of the road or spacious, easily accessed, sandy beaches organized so that you don’t miss anything.

They enjoy the view to spectacular sunsets, medieval castles, green slopes that dive in the sea and to small, isolated islets that tempt you to swim all the way there.

And they are so many, more than fifty in total, that ten days of vacation are not enough to explore them all.

However, to fall in love it  only takes two and a half minutes- the duration of this video.



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Pori is one of the largest and most impressive beaches in the Peloponnese, offering the visitor a breathtaking view of the Castle and Old Monemvasia.

With 2 kilometers length, Pori is an ideal destination for walking, jogging and playing beach volleyball.

There is a canteen on the beach, with umbrellas and sun loungers.

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Vlychada and Balogeri

Close to the village of Reichia in the municipality of Zaraka, there are 2 amazing beaches.

Vlychada beach is an incredible long white beach surrounded by wooded slopes. Balogeri is a closed cove surrounded by stiff cliffs.

They have green and refreshing waters.

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‘Archangelos’ beach

One of the area’s most attractive spots for bathing can be found right in the heart of the picturesque village of Archangelos. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available free of charge at this family-friendly beach which has been awarded the Blue Flag.

There are cafe-bars close by.

This beach is ideal for families.

Provides shelter from all but northerly winds.

The secret sea place of Laconia


The largest beach in the area. Sand, wtih some areas of small pebbles.

Over the past decade the southern end has become the in place for young people, with sunbeds, umbrellas, a beach bar and beach volley net.

Also at this end, there are cold springs in the seabed, lowering the water temperature.

To the north, the water is warmer and preferred by families.

The beach has been awarded a Blue Flag for its cleanliness and amenities, which include changing sheds, toilets, life guards and showers.

A beach you will fall in love with


Plytra is a popular summer destination for people of all ages.

All types of holiday accommodation are available, as well as a variety of options for eating out and enjoying the evenings.

There are a number of open spaces where children can play, including the Blue Flag beach, Pahia Ammos.

At the edge of the village is the ancient sunken city, visible to swimmers using ordinary swimming goggles. There are also ancient ruins on the shore.

Plytra’s harbour provides moorings for all kinds of recreational craft. On the other side of the bay is the pretty settlement of Karavostasi.


Plytra can be reached by passing through the town of Papadianika. There is plenty of parking space within the village.

Experience the magic of the unique Plytra


The clear waters and golden sands of of Marathia beach are relatively hidden treasures, as the beach (whose northern end is known as Panaritis) is not well known.

The wide strand is ideal for beach sports and games, and there are several cafe-bars and restaurants in the settlement alongside

Perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy the sea and sand away from large crowds.

Provides shelter from northerly or north-easterly winds.


The turnoff to Marathias is in the village of Elika, on the main road from Molai to Neapoli. The beach lies two kilometres after the turnoff; parking space is available at the beach.

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The endless beach of Neapolis, with its hidden caretta-caretta turtle nests, is awarded the Blue Flag every year.

It is a meeting place for all ages and is perfect for those who do not have a car or want to walk on foot in the city.

Neapoli beach is famous for its cleanliness and organization (services, lifeguard), as well as its easy access.

Prefer it when it is blowing north.

There is ample parking.


The long beach of Xifia is protected from northerly and meltemi winds. The salt trees along the shore provide shade; there is plenty of room on the sand for games such as beach volley or for taking leisurely strolls.

Some parts of the shore are covered with small pebbles.
At the northern end of the beach is the sunken city of Xifoupolis.

Ideal for families with young children.
Provides shelter from northerly and westerly winds.

The beach is situated in the community of Nomia, 7 km south of Monemvasia.


Kakkavos is the beach nearest to the new town of Monemvasia, right below the fortress. It is about 1,000 metres long and consists of small pebbles.

Umbrellas, sunbeds and beach volley nets are available. For the first time in 2013 awarded the ”Blue Flag”.

Ideal for those who prefer to swim close to amenities such as cafe-bars and restaurants and to the town of Monemvasia.

Provides shelter from all but northerly winds.

Kakkavos beach is situated at the end of the bridge, on the northern side of the new town of Monemvasia.

Roadside parking is available behind the beach.


Magano is an endless beach with golden sand and shallow turquoise water.

It is situated next to Pavlopetri, the most ancient sunken city in the world.

Α canteen is operating right on the beach during the summer months.

This beach is ideal for families  and people of all ages. It’s easy to reach and there is plenty of space for kids to play.

Avoid Magano beach in case ofstrong south and east winds.

Take the road towards the beach from the village of Agios Georgios. The beach is just a few kilometers away.

There is parking space right next to the beach.

Explore the endless beach of Mangano


The beaches of Monemvasia are so numerous, over fifty in total, that ten days of vacation are not enough to explore them all.

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