Messini’s beaches is a summer dream

Search no more your summer dream is real

How does your ideal beach look like? Like an endless, golden sand spreading where the eye reaches? Like crystal clear waters glistening as they reflect the sun beams?

Like crystal clear waters glistening as they reflect the sun beams? Or like dipping unbothered and free from the shifts of the weather during the two hundred days of summer every year? Search no more. Your summer dream is real

You will find it on the map starting right outside Kalamata and moving down towards the south, closing the Messinian Gulf in a big, sandy embrace.

They are the beaches of the Municipality of Messini and they are all wonderful.

Agios Andreas

Beside the picturesque harbor of Agios Andreas, there is half kilometer of golden sand spreading to reach crystal clear waters. 

The beach is organized, with sun loungers and umbrellas, but it also has free parts with plenty of natural shade.

The lovers of History should not miss the sanctuary of Apollo of Korythos, close to the beach, in the area of which it is also built the old byzantine temple of Agios Andreas that gave its name to the place.

Almost beside the beach the families will find a playground for the kids.



One of the largest and most organized beaches of the region, Bouka is an endless beach party every day, all day.

On its fine, golden sand there are not only umbrellas and sun loungers, but also free parts for everyone who doesn’t like the organized beaches.

The waters are deep, crystal clear and always refreshing, as a river flows there.

The lovers of hiking venture for the enjoyable, long, seaside route that starts from Bouka and ends up at Velika beach, passing by Analipsi beach.


Lovers of peace, this is your beach.

Less “super star” than its neighboring beaches, but not less beautiful though, the Analipsi beach has got deep, crystal clear, blue waters, light-colored sand with few fine pebbles, and enough organization, so that no one is left complaining, neither the lounger lovers nor the lounger haters.

The breeze that often blows there makes Analipsi the perfect place for windsurfing, while very close to the beach there is a playground too, cafés and taverns.



Peace… continues, in a vast, almost untouched sand, which you reach as you leave behind Velika village and cross the road that passes by the reeds, in a place that reminds of Far West.

Velika is only organized in a small part.

The rest, vast region has natural shade from pines and tamarisk trees, and the only soundtrack is the song of the crickets that nestle on them- usually, on weekdays, that is the only noise you hear.

The waters of the river that flows here blur the sea a bit, without this meaning that the waters are less clear- they are just less transparent in comparison to its neighboring beaches.



One of the nicest seaside villages of Messini, couldn’t lack… its own beautiful beach.

A kilometer of sand sprinkled with fine pebbles, and an enjoyable sandy sea bottom compose the famous and loved by the crowd Chrani beach.

It is organized in the most part but has also free parts that make it ideal for families with children.

The hiking lovers will try the three kilometers seaside route that connects it with Agios Andreas beach.



The small, sandy Kalamaki beach, with the crystal clear, blue green waters, is the hermits’ favorite, who look for-and find here- peace, light years away from noisy beach bars and plastic sun loungers.

The winding road that brings you to the beach overlooks an amazing view of the endless blue of the Messinian Gulf, as it reaches the “end of the world”, where the last “foot” of Peloponnese ends up.

The Kalamaki beach has got big, white pebbles at the beginning and fluffy, golden sand towards the waves.

You should bring an umbrella, as you would probably want to stay here for long.



Nestled at the embrace of the homonymous village, right next to its harbor, the small Petalidi beach spreads in approximately 300 meters length, with its colorful pebbles being connected with a sandy sea bottom, as you enter its deep blue waters.

It has plenty of natural shade from the trees surrounding it, while an abundance of cafés and taverns guarantee you that you won’t miss anything. Petalidi is built upon the ruins of Ancient Aipeia, one of the seven cities that Agamemnon promised as a dowry to Iphigeneia.

Aipeia was destroyed by the Spartans during the third Messinian War, as an ally of Messini, and its residents run to Sicily,leaving behind the magical landscape that we can find here today.


The beaches of the Peloponnese the most beautiful beaches of Greece

On your way toPeloponnese wish for more days to spend there and bring many swimming suits to dive in some of the most beautiful beaches of the country. 

It is a blessed place with crystal clear green and blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches.

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