The beaches of Arcadia

Excellent choices for swimming

One of the main reasons why we love Arcadia is the beautiful beaches of the prefecture which are ideal for relaxation or wild beach parties depending on your mood of course.

The amazing coves of Atsinganos beach at the Coastal Astros will enchant the traveler, as well as the Agios Antreas beach with its crystal clear waters.

At the Coastal Astros you will find the beautiful sandy beach of Lileika with the fine pebbles.

In Xiropigado village you’ll also find another beautiful beach with the typical for the area white pebbles, while if you travel towards Leonidio you must make a stop for a dive at the blue waters of Lakos and Plaka beaches.

If you find yourself in Kynouria you can combine diving in crystal clear blue waters with enjoying a unique landscape of unparalleled beauty at Fokianos beach, which is the prefecture’s hidden gem.

The Tyros beach offers lace-like beaches and clear waters, while the picturesque villages of Livadi and Sampatiki will reward you with their gorgeous little harbors.

Excellent choices for swimming you’ll also find at the beaches of Tserfos, Zaritsi and Tigani that have crystal clear waters to swim. Do not forget to go to the picturesquePoulithrawith the turquoise waters, hidden in the green slopes of Mt. Parnonas.

Poulithra Beach

A little further south, 5 kilometers from Plaka, Poulithra is a sweet seaside hamlet with an island scent, a large pebbly beach and impressive stone-built mansions next to low-lined houses with flowered courtyards.

A lovely hiking route, passing through serene olive groves and next to quiet, pebbly beaches with crystal clear waters will take you about an hour's walk from Poulithra to the whitewashed church of Agios Georgios.

The beach that lies beneath it is all you need for deserted dives, away from everyone and everything

Anavalos Beach

One of the the various, quiet beaches that you can meet on the way from Astros to Argolida, before Kiveri and after Xiropigado.

The beach is on the border of the two regions and offers sand and clean water, since it took its name from the underwater source of fresh water of Anavalos that moves to Kynouria and Argolida.

In the area there is the woman monastery of St.Makrina (sister of St.Vassiliou) that started building in 1971 in the Bishopric of Argolida and nowadays there are children' s campsites. The monastery celebrates on 19th July. Today there are 12 nuns and Mother Makrina.

Xiropigado Beach

Beach on the Xiropigado village of Kynouria.

Peaceful environment,pebbles, clean water and touristic development with hotels, rented rooms, tavernas with fish that are open all year round.

Xiropigado is on the borders of ArcadiaArgolidaand offers ideal vacation for those who look for relaxation.

The visitors can visit the nearby areas of Kynouria and Argolida. The beach offers free wi-fi.

Kryoneri Beach

Magic beach, between Arcadiko  Chorio and Tyros, with crystal-cler blue sea, pebbles and greenery until the sea.

The favourite beach of the youngsters and those who feel young.

It has a beach bar that gives beat to summer holidays with parties and special events. Its name was from the springs that exist in the mainland, one of which gives water to Spetses with water-boats-but from the fresh water whch goes into the sea.

The area offers rented rooms and cottages.

There is also an important, underwater cave for those who love underwater exploration and look for similar adventures.

Tigani Beach

For swimming, apart from Lygaria, there is also the amazing pebbled Tigani Beach, with its blue green waters and its green pine and olive tree frame that reaches the waves.

You will easily find it a kilometer from the central square of Tyros and you can reach it on foot.

From the left (north) tip of the beach starts a path that after a while brings you to a magical cave, called Fournaka.

Swimming inside the cave is a unique experience, as well as the dives from its rocks at the entrance.

Sampatica beach

After Tyros on the road to Leonidos  lies the idyllic bay of Sampati on the south side of a small peninsula.

With crystal clear waters and beautiful natural surroundings it is perhaps the most beautiful beach of Arcadia.

The beach of Sampati with its picturesque small port and its beautiful small settlement is a attraction for many tourists in summer.

On the beach there is the chapel of the Virgin Mary, while in the bay there are many fishing boats.

Beaches of Atsigano and Callisto

To go swimming near Astros, there are the beaches of Atsigano and Callisto, both inside the settlement.

The first one is in the north, with sand, fine pebbles and shallow waters, ideal for small children. The second one is in the south, right under Astros' coastal walkway, organized with sun loungers and umbrellas.

A little further south, two kilometers outside Astros, Portes beach is also organized, with fine pebbles and crystal clear waters, and it is very popular with surf lovers, as they are particularly open to winds - if you want stillness and quiet you should come early in the morning.



Northern Kynouria is one of the best-preserved treasures of the Peloponnese

Northern Kynouria is one of the best-preserved treasures of the Peloponnese. Hidden amidst mountains and the Argolic Gulf, this region combines stunning natural beauty with its rich culture and history.

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