The beaches of Argolis

Unique beaches with crystal clear waters

In the eastern part of the Peloponnese, between Corinthia and Arcadia, Argolis has, in addition to a great history, an unparalleled natural beauty and impressive architecture to generously offer to its visitors.

Combining historical monuments with atmospheric cities, timeless and beloved holiday destinations and of course unique beaches with deep blue waters, Argolis seems like an ideal choice for unforgettable dives.

From the cosmopolitan sandy beach of Karathonas which stretches over 3 kilometers just outside Nafplio to Vivari, with its successive coves forming Lilliputian beaches with crystal clear blue waters, and from the picturesque Kondyli with its silky endless sand and reddish pebbles, to the tamarind-filled Candia, the beaches of Argolis, will enchant you.

Arvanitia and Nea Kios, which have become the new hangout for surfers next to Nafplio, as well as the pebbly beach of Archaia Asini, with its wonderful seabed that invites you to explore it, should also be included to your Argolis trip.

Let's not forget Kastraki and Nea Epidavros with their green scenery, as well as the famous Drepano, located a few minutes away from Tolo, which gathers thousands of enthusiastic visitors every year.

Sedoni and Salanti will surely satisfy you, while the mesmerizing Lepitsa which looks like an exotic destination, will be happy to host you in its clear and blue waters.

In Costa, once you arrive, you find it hard to leave, since the boats and water taxis create a scene that resembles an island, while Kiveri stoically waits for you to dive into its crystal-clear waters.

Beach Psyli Amos

The big beach of Tolo  is called Fine Sand (Psyli Amos in Greek) and it spreads in a distance of one kilometer, an ideal place for kids as the waters are shallow and clean, and the organization is exemplary- so much that the lovers of desolate beaches and of quiet will pass by it.

Sea sports, cafeterias by the sea, fresh fish on small tables outside and perfectly organized camping fill in the picture of one of the most popular summer destinations in Argolis.

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Tolo, Iria, Vivari and Kantia →  Where Argolis dives in the sea

Arvanitia beach

It is the closest beach to Nafplio, behind the city of Nafplio and Akronafplia.

You can reach the beach on foot (from Nafplio city center) or by car. Crossing the uphill road next to the Land Gate you will reach a large parking lot. Then, you have to descend several steps to reach the central beach of Arvanitia.

There are big pebbles in its center. It is rocky at its edges, where you can access the sea  by small metal stairs.

It is a moderately sized beach, sandy with fine pebbles. Also, the sea bottom is sandy

Nafplio →  It is probably, and most rightfully, the most popular destination of the Peloponnese

Kondyli (St. Nikolaos)

A bit further away from Vivari, on the way to Kantia, there is Kondili, one of the most popular (and most beautiful, if we’re allowed to say) beaches of  Argolis.

It is large and sandy, organized with  beach bars and water sport activities and it also has… a solitary alternative for the lovers of quiet. There is a small sandy cove too, that you can reach on foot through the water from the north end of the beach. 

Ancient Asini

Below Kastraki, to the west, you'll find the homonymous, sympathetic, and largely unknown small beach.

From the east begins the long pebbly beach of (today) Asini, also known as Plaka.

Karathona beach

Karathona is located four kilometers outside  Nafplio. Along the coast of Karathona the road is surrounded by many palm trees, among which there is a large natural car park, and the large beach consists of small pebbles, tamarisk trees and sand.

It has been awarded with the Blue Flag many times and on the two kilometers long beach you will surely find a place of your choice and the lifeguard will watch over you from morning until late in the afternoon.

The sea is shallow and in many places across it you will find everything you'll need for supplies. This makes it the best choice for families even with young children.

The view is great.

To the left is the castle of Palamidi, while opposite to the beach you can see the beaches of Kynouria, while in the middle and west of the beach there is a tiny Pontikonisi that offers beauty and romance.

Kandia Beach

Kantia is famous for its large beach with the colorful pebbles and the crystal clear waters that spreads to such an extent that can fit everyone: at its beginning it has lively beach bars for the young, a more family atmosphere- with fine sand perfect for kids toys- further down, and at the end of the beach a free of sun loungers and umbrellas area so that you can pick whatever you like.

There are nice café that serve the beach’s sun loungers, and taverns that take their tables outside to complete its image.



Make sure you have plenty of days at your disposal to visit all the beaches of the prefecture

Do you think you know Argolis just because you’ve strolled under blooming bougainvilleas in the old town of Nafplio during the weekend, you’ve seen some performances at Epidaurus Theatre, dived in the sandy beaches of Tolo or because you’ve been to Mycenae once during a school trip? Well, prepare to be amazed

Our tiny Argolis, the smallest of Peloponnese’s prefectures, is great in beauty, in history, in having beaches on which our most beautiful memories have been written, and is also great in creating experiences that will last a lifetime.

Just two hours from Athens, a destination that has it all awaits you. Discover it









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