Fifteen days vacation in Peloponnese

Have you missed the wild landscape of Mani?

Prefecture of Messinia

Kalamata, Pylos, Kiparissia, Methoni to Koroni, Kardamyli, Stoupa, Ancient Messini


If you missed the wild landscape of Mani do not worry because the tenth day of the tour finds us this time in Messinian Mani.

The stone-built, fortified village of Kardamili, despite the development it has experienced in recent years, generously offers moments of peace and relaxation, gazing on one side the Messenian Gulf and on the other Taygetos.

Ritsa beach can be proud of its crystal-clear waters, although a little further south is Stoupa, with the famous beach of Kalogria, for those who want to do as much as possible in this fortnight. From there you can reach in about an hour, if you have enough time, the unique cave of Diros.

This road trip has deliberately limited the visits to the urban centers of Moria, however we could not miss the city of Kalamata, which is one of the most charming cities in Greece with a very good standard of living.

Walk to its endless beach with its neoclassical buildings, cafes and restaurants to get acquainted with the daily life of the locals.

Climb to Verga, just a few kilometers outside the center, to admire the panoramic view of Kalamata and, before leaving for the next prefecture, fill your basket with local traditional products such as olive oil, pasteli and lalangia (traditional pancakes).


Seven days in majestic Messinia

Messini’s beaches is a summer dream

Hiking and diving at the waterfalls

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 113 kilometers 

 1  hour and 33 minutes of driving



Prefecture of Elis

Ancient Olympia, Andritsaina, Kaiafas, Foloi, Pyrgos


The twelfth day of the journey has dawned and finds us in Ancient Olympia, one of the most breathtaking and ideologically important places in the whole world.

It is here that the Olympic Games took on flesh and blood and that even today the Olympic flame is lit every four years.

Take a tour of the ancient stadium of the Olympic Games, visit the Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus, the Bouleuterion, the Ancient Gymnasium and spend time at the Archaeological Museum of Olympia to see the Hermes of Praxiteles.

If your trip takes place during the summer months then you must dive to Loutra beach of Kyllini, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Western Peloponnese. We dedicate the second and last day in the prefecture of Ilia, regardless of the season, to the Foloi oak forest.

A landmark for the forest wealth of the whole country and the only oak forest of the Balkans, the forest of Foloi is home to five million oaks that compose a unique landscape. Running, hiking or cycling, all activities take on a completely different character in this fairytale forest.


Travel Tips  ⇒⇒  Aldemar Olympian Village

With sweeping panoramic views over the Ionian Sea, the awarded beachfront resort Aldemar Olympian Village offers the ultimate luxurious Mediterranean-style getaway in Peloponnese.

Set on an exclusive, sandy beachfront property of 350 acres, Aldemar Olympian Village is an impressive seafront getaway of immense beauty and architecture, ideal for a luxurious Mediterranean-style getaway in Greece.

Aldemar Olympian Village is a destination in itself

The beaches of Ilia have wonderful corners to enjoy the sun and the sea

In the Western Peloponnese looms the prefecture of Ilia, with its wonderful beaches and green forests, that impress all visitors


  76, 2  kilometers 

 1 hour and 36 minutes of driving



Prefecture of Achaea

Patra, Kalavrita, Aigio


Having passed through six different prefectures in the previous days and with the luggage full of various goodies and good memories, our last two days are dedicated to the prefecture of Achaea.

With most of Achaea being mountainous, it is no coincidence that the prefecture is synonymous with visits during the winter and autumn months. Regardless of when you make your road trip, a visit to Kalavryta should be in your plan.

Not only for its famous ski resort, for those who love skiing, but the huge historical significance of the city.

Here, on March 25, 1821, the flag of the revolution for the liberation from the Turks was raised, while in the same place, on December 13, 1943, one of the most heinous crimes of Nazism was committed, when the German occupiers burned all the houses in the city and executed all of the male population.

For the unique experience of the Diakopto – Kalavryta Railway you can start from Diakopto and be in about an hour in Kalavryta, having crossed the canyon of Vouraikos.

The beauty of the natural landscape of Achaea is not limited to the 22 kilometers of the distance that the Railway crosses and a visit to the Waterfalls of Taxiarchis and Lake Tsivlou will convince you of its worth.


Travel Tips  ⇒  Vineyard visit

At an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, the visitor has the opportunity to visit the Mega Spileo Estate, exploring its exquisite vineyards. Discover the place of provenance of high quality wines, many of which hold significant recognition and awards. It is essential before leaving this enchanting place, to taste some of these wines!

Mega Spileo Estate ⇒ ⇒  A timeless jewel, a reference point for wine lovers, the Mega Spileo Estate


The beaches of Achaia

7 days in Achaia

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5 days trip







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