7 days in Ilia

Green forests that amaze all visitors

In the Western Peloponnese looms the prefecture of Ilia, with its wonderful beaches and green forests, that impress all visitors.

Pyrgos, the prefecture's capital, awakens the little explorer in you, as it is full of wonderful mountain routes and perhaps, Greece's most important archaeological site, whose fame has reached every corner of the world.

The unexplored canyons, the picturesque villages, the fairy-tale like oak forest, the largest Peloponnesian lake and a beach that reaches 50 kilometers that makes you fall in love at first sight, create a landscape that fascinates everyone.

If a week is not enough for you to discover all its beauties, it will certainly be enough for you to place Ilia in your heart.


Day 1, Pyrgos

The prefecture's capital is the commercial and administrative center of the wider area and takes its name from the spectacular tower built there by Ioannis Tsernotas.

A city with a long history, proudly showcases the two exquisite neoclassical buildings of the Municipal Agora (which functions as an Archaeological Museum that you must visit) and the Apollonian Municipal Theater designed by Chiller, sealing the architecture of the place.

After strolling around the narrow streets, tasting the famous delicacies of the area, you need to visit the gothic church of Saint Kyriaki with its large turrets, the Latsio Municipal Hall that stands imposingly in the city and Agios Athanasios, before resting for a while in Eparchion, the capital's green oasis.


Day 2, Katakolo

If you find yourself at the famous cape of Peloponnese just once, you will surely come back again. Just 13 kilometers away from Pyrgos, Katakolo's pride is "Argonaftis",  historical football team as well as the area's beauty, which is not limited only to its picturesque port.

A visit to the Lighthouse and to Pontikokastro, will fascinate every visitor, thanks to the wonderful view of the Kyparissian Gulf. 

Pontikokastro is perceived as region's jewel, since it counts thousands of years of existance and undoubtedly is, one of the most important archaeological sights of Ilia.

Don't forget to visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology to admire the ingenuity of our people, which is known worldwide, as well as the unique Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys to see up close the monochord, the propeller, the Pythagorean sphinx and the wonder of Ktesibios, the world's first keyboard. 


Day 3, Ancient Olympia

It is impossible to be in Ancient Olympia and not be moved by the history carried by the place, where the Olympic Games were born and along them, the Sacred Truce.

There, where the valley of Alpheios spreads out and fills the area with forests, the Kronios hill embraces the fertile land, while the visitor is enchanted by the colorful trees that bloom in spring next to the Phidias' workshop and the atmospheric arcade of Echoes and the Museum of History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity.

In fact, by taking the route from Olympia to the Louvre and from there to Kalliani, you will be left admiring the dense forests and magnificent gorges, while at some point you will also come acrosse the Ladonas river, which will reward you with its beauty.

Remember to also visit the Coubertin museum located at the Olympic Academy, where the heart of the initiator of the revival of the Olympic Games baron Pierre de Coubertin is embalmed, as well as the Olympia theatre in Floka village.

If you want a green escape nearby, then the Foloi Oak Forest, where Folos reigned and the Centaur hosted Heracles with its five million oaks, seems like a suitable choice. 


Day 4, Lake (and beach) Caiaphas

In recent years, Caiaphas has become a favourite destination for thousands of visitors. In its center dominates a peaceful lake, with thermal baths that ease the pain of travellers in the famous hydrotherapy center.

On the east coast, the thermal baths flow from two caves, which are formed by the meeting of a multitude of rocks. The larger one is called Agridon Cave and the smaller one Geranion Cave.

Across it, you find one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, like it is stolen from a painting, who sketched an endless golden sandy beach that embraces hills with white lilies and ends in deep blue waters.

Within its waters is the islet of Saint Catherine, which is addes as another picturesque piece to this beautiful landscape, that has rich fauna and flora, being an important waterway. A beloved place that you'll definitely hold in your heart. 


Day 5, Zaharo

Besides having its delicious name (it means "sugar" in Greek), Zaharo also features the largest beach in Europe, an area of ​​more than 60 kilometers, covered with white sand and turquoise waters.

Hidden in the pines and olive trees, in addition to its crystal clear waters, it offers plenty of options, making you feel like a cosmopolitan. The green Zaharo has trees that reach up to the beach, but also mountains - Lapitha and Minthi - as well as countless streams and springs, like the mythical Neda.

Don't forget to visit the beautiful pine forest of Strofilia, while the sea breeze fills your nostrils, as well as pay a visit to the verdant village of Kakavatos. 


Day 6, Amaliada

Amaliada is the second largest city of Ilia and is located 20 kilometres further north from the capital of the district. Known for its wonderful beaches, with Kourouta beach standing out thanks to its golden sand and clear waters.

Additionally, truly worth visiting is the monastery of Panagia in Fragavila, which dates back to the 11th century and the monastery of the Ascension Day, with its panoramic view of the city of Amaliada. 

Next to it is Illida – a particularly interesting archaeological site that hosts an ancient theatre, a stadium and the remains of the temples of Athena, Hades, Dionysus and Aphrodite.

At a short distance from the temple, there is also the excellent Museum of Ancient Ilida, where the findings of the excavations are housed. Make sure to fit in your schedule a stop there!


Day 7 Andritsaina-Lampeia

Let's now go for a walk into the mountains of the prefecture, where you will meet picturesque villages that you wil remember for a lifetime.

On the one hand, the noble daughter of the prefecture, Andritsaina, attracts the visitor with her beauty, having developed excellent tourist infrastructure over the years. Its stone-built square, with its leafy sycamore trees and the magnificent view of Ilia stand out, and so does Trani Vrysi, which, built in 1724, is the oldest in the entire Peloponnese. 

Another small village that looks like a hidden natural treasure is Lampia, one of the mountainous Ilia's jewel. Stone houses with red tiles, amphitheatrically built on two green slopes, steaming chimneys, traditional guesthouses, picturesque cafes and taverns with delicious flavours and fragrant dishes.


Guarantee crystal clear green waters

Ilia is famous for many things, but the most well-known is the beaches. Across the  Kaiafas Lake  there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, looking like it came straight out of a painting. 

If you find yourself in Amaliada you should visit the famous Kourouta beach with the golden sand.

The beaches of Ilia have wonderful corners to enjoy the sun and the sea



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