Ten reasons you should travel in Peloponnese during winter

That magical part of Greece which is ideal for every type weather and for every season

Peloponnese, this magical part of Greece, is captivating in every season thanks to its rich cultural treasures, stunning nature, and ancient history. However, it seems to shine even more brightly during winter.

If you're considering a trip during this season, there is no better destination than the Peloponnese. Moreover we give have ten wonderful reasons that can prove our point and are sure to convince you to descend or ascend to its realms.


A romantic journey in Nafplio

This beautiful town combines medieval character with traditional Greek architecture and has a wonderful aura, especially when it wears its winter attire.

It's worth strolling through the alleys of Nafplio and enjoying your coffee in the square, surrendering to the atmosphere of romantic Peloponnese.

Where else can you savor a winter sunset that you can relish until the horizon disappears, by the cannons of Argonafplia?

Where else can you delight your heart with the Venetian and Venetian-influenced air that breezes through every narrow street?

Where else can you absorb knowledge from the historical memories of its impressive buildings?

Only in Nafplio ⇒⇒  A destination… for all seasons


Mycenae - The Ancient Miracle

In winter, the landscape is less crowded, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the discovery of the history hidden behind the beloved and renowned world of Mycenae.

During this period, you can take advantage of the tranquility and explore everything about the imposing beehive tombs, the spectacular view from the palace of Agamemnon, the dazzling treasure of Atreus, the eerie and beautiful Underground Cistern, the legendary Lions' Gate, and the golden city from which it all began.

Mycenae ⇒⇒  To the mythical city of Agamemnon



The beloved Peloponnesian mountain has traced out mesmerizing trails on paths that traverse gorges, passing by crystalline rivers, worth walking and capturing photographically.

Once you're there, you must engage in the necessary village-hopping to discover beautiful little villages like Kastori, Georgitsi, Leontari, and the nearly abandoned Koumousta.

Very close to it, you'll encounter the fairy-tale-like fortress town of Mystras, bringing the scent and memories of Byzantium into the present day.


Mount Parnonas

Mount Parnonas stretches from Arcadia to Laconia, embracing picturesque villages like Ano Doliana, Karyes, the homeland of the Caryatids, Tsintzina with its widely photographed trails, Kosmas with its chestnut forest, and the cedar forest adorning its southern slopes, claimed to be unique in all of Europe.

On your road trip, mark historic monasteries like the accessible Elona Monastery emerging from the forests as essential stops. Don't miss a visit to the vibrant Leonidio, with its crimson cliffs attracting climbers worldwide throughout the winter season.

7 days in North Kynouria


Ancient Corinth

One of the most significant civilizations in human history with a history spanning thousands of years accompanies you. A culinary paradise, blessed with locally sourced, high-quality products and an unparalleled taste.

A natural landscape hauntingly beautiful and highly charming that captivates every traveler who finds themselves in its midst.

Ancient Corinth is the ultimate destination for those seeking a rejuvenating journey in the shadow of a colossal wealth of monuments that one must experience.

Travel Tips ⇒⇒  7+1 wonderful shops to do your shopping in Ancient Corinth  


Skiing in Kalavryta

During this season, Kalavryta transforms into a winter fairy tale. The snow embraces the mountains of the area, making Kalavryta the ultimate destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

On the slopes of Mount Helmos, the ski resorts offer ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Traditional tavernas prepare appetizers, inviting you to unwind and offering a natural palette of colors that seems to be taken from a bucolic painting.

Kalavrita ⇒⇒ A place filled with History



In winter, Nemea seems trapped amidst its mountainous landscapes, acquiring a enchanting blanket of white when the first snow falls.

Visitors can enjoy guided tours through the famous vineyards of the region, taste the wine, and experience the authentic hospitality of the locals. Nemea in winter is a hidden paradise revealed to those who dare to explore it.

Special mention deserves the significant archaeological site of the area, which boasts more than 2,500 years of history.

A full day at Semeli Estate ⇒ ⇒  Semeli Estate, a small wine paradise in Nemea



The Mountainous Arcadia is dressing up this season, welcoming us with gifts in its territories. Dimitsana, Stemnitsa, Valtessiniko, Piana, Alonistaina, Lagkadia are just a few of the beloved villages of Mount Mainalo, all stone-built, tiled, and with chimneys peeking through lush fir forests.

A blessed place full of trails inviting you to walk them, as well as gorges with wild beauty, such as the Lousios Gorge, where the daring fill the winter for rafting and other extreme sports.

The green of the forests embraces the blue of the rivers in a majestic natural image that you will remember for a long time.

Let’s go skiing to Peloponnese



Every time you find yourself in the Castle Town of Monemvasia, it feels like the first time. This happens because the enchanting Peloponnesian maiden offers a unique experience to every visitor.

In winter, as temperatures drop and the day shortens, the night bestows much of its charm upon the cobblestone alleys and the towers of Monemvasia.

As you wander through the winding streets, at the house of Ritsos and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, your soul rejoices, unable to recall when it last witnessed such beauty.

Monemvasia ⇒ ⇒  A castle town that came out of fairy tales


Trikala Corinthias

Trikala Corinthias stand out on the eastern side of Ziria and are divided into three neighborhoods: Ano (Upper), Kato (Lower), and Mesaia (Middle).

Three villages in one, or one village with three distinct neighborhoods, the village of Trikala is the most cosmopolitan in the region and rightfully attracts numerous faithful visitors. In winter, it appears enchanting, with plenty of stone houses tinting the slopes of Ziria in red with their roofs.

Next to the red rooftops, you will encounter abundant greenery from majestic plane trees that surround the small villages and cobbled squares. Lake Doxa and Lake Feneos are within breathing distance, offering perfect opportunities for nearby getaways.

The lakes of Peloponnese ⇒ ⇒  We travel to the most beautiful lakes of Peloponnese



Winter in Peloponnese has something magical

Fire smoldering in the fireplace. Chimneys that smoke as you approach a stone village wrapped in the haze of dusk.

Traditional cafeterias that serve Greek coffee roasted on the coals. However, there are people who think that winter is not a beautiful season.

They’ve probably never seen the winter in Peloponnese


Villages of Peloponnese

Peloponnese is a complex mosaic in terms of geography and soil morphology, combining a rich coastline with mountainous areas that impress with their natural beauty.

The winter months the mountainous villages are the main attraction for visitors









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