Winter in Peloponnese has something magical

Fire smoldering in the fireplace. Chimneys that smoke as you approach a stone village wrapped in the haze of dusk.

Traditional cafeterias that serve Greek coffee roasted on the coals. However, there are people who think that winter is not a beautiful season. They’ve probably never seen the winter in Peloponnese.

They’ve never seen the snow covered summits of Zireia and Mainalo, perfectly contrasting with the evergreen fir forest that covers their sides.

They would probably not have tried skiing and snow fighting at the Kalavrita  Ski Centre, up there at the 2.000 meters, which is admittedly one of the best ski centers in the country.

Neither would they have ever walked the Christmas decorated alleys of the old town in  Nafplio, the crowded with people and filled with life, during the weeks before Christmas.  

Even though you might not be the cold and snow type, you don’t have to wait for summer to plan your next trip. In the south of Peloponnese, like on its plains, winters are mild and the roads are always open, waiting for you to create unforgettable travel memories.

Now is the perfect season to visit Ancient Olympia, free from the crowds of the summer season, to explore the byzantine castle-city of Mystras, to experience cities like Patra, Kalamata  and Corinth  in their vibrant winter rhythms, and to overlook the magical view of the stormy sea from the stone-built alleys of Monemvasia  or from the Venetian castle of Methoni.

And after experiencing all these, you can sit on a table by a lit fireplace and use the early shed darkness as the perfect excuse to spend many hours tasting the famous Peloponnesian cuisine and the exquisite local wines.

Since the best feasts with company happen during the winter, next to a lit fireplace. Everybody knows that.



That magical part of Greece which is ideal for every type weather and for every season

Peloponnese, this magical part of Greece, is captivating in every season thanks to its rich cultural treasures, stunning nature, and ancient history. However, it seems to shine even more brightly during winter.

Ten reasons you should travel in Peloponnese during winter


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