10 things you must do in Peloponnese in spring

The Peloponnesian spring options are endless

During most winter days, we tend to think more about spring, day-dreaming of green, nature-loving, flowery walks and a taste of the sea, counting down till summer.

If you are looking for an ideal destination probably for next spring, then Peloponnese deserves to be on top of your list, without any reasonable doubt.

Please try to count how many days you have for spending, because the Peloponnesian spring options are endless.

However there are 10 things you have to do if by any chance you find yourself in Peloponnesian grounds during that period.


A walk through Monemvasia’s little paths


Every time you walk in the Castle City of Monemvasia seems like the first time, because this beautiful Peloponnesian town gives a whole bunch of unique experiences to every visitor, with flowery streets giving these vaulted paths of medieval Kastropolitia an amazing beauty.

There are also some “twisted” streets that reach the Upper Town, which will offer you countless Instagram moments, not to mention the breathtaking view you will enjoy if you manage to reach the top.

The Castle of Monemvasia that was built in 582 AD, will give you many opportunities to view the endless blue of the Myrtle Sea.

You have to make some necessary stops at the house of Yiannis Ritsos, plus the small church of Saint Nikolaos- only to check all the available sightseeing options off of your list.

Tip → Monemvasia is not just another destination it is an experience


Picnic in the Foloi Forest


Not one, neither two, but five million oak trees make Foloi the ultimate destination for those who want to walk in one of the rarest oak forests in Europe, plus the only one that still remains in the Balkans.

Only 20 kilometers away from Ancient Olympia, "the balcony of Ilia" like locals used to call it, Foloi Forest has a great mythological history (please note that the forest got its name from the centaur Pholos who was a very close friend of Hercules), plus beauty that a National Geographic documentary could captivate.

Foloi Forest is an ideal place for a picnic, as it will offer you flowery clearings and wonderful hikes that cyclists will enjoy with great weather.

Don’t forget to bring your plaid blankets and other necessary picnic equipment with you!


Α boating through «Great Ocean» in Diros’ Caves


The caves of Diros hold two great titles. Firstly, they are the largest in Greece, as the speleologists have already explored more than 12 kilometers, from which only one and a half kilometers are accessible for visiting.

Undoubtedly, Diros’ caves are the most beautiful ones in the country. The "Great Ocean", the "Dragon's Den", the "Pink Apartments" and the "Fairy Lake" are the appropriate and fairy-tale names of these caves you should encounter on a cinematic boat of eerie beauty, sailing through water tunnels with billions of years old stalactite formations.

The rugged overland route to the caves is a spectacular one, as it surpasses all the exciting stories you've heard about them.

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Walk in Mystra’s Castle State


If you are into Byzantine history, or into stories full of knights in iron armors and queens with golden hair, then you will fall in love with Mystras and its Castle State.

If not, then you should try a few steps below its stone arches, plus on the stone-built paths overlooking the green immensity of the Evrotas Valley, between the flowery courtyards of every small church.

It is more than enough to bow in front of the primeval beauty of Mystras.

Please note that the weather in spring seems ideal to test your endurance and go on foot from the lower entrance to the impressive castle.

Tip →  Walking around the castle


Stepping on Ancient Olympia’s sacred grounds


Everything we know about classical sports began thousands of years ago on the sacred grounds of Ancient Olympia.

Ancient Olympia is a “holy” Peloponnesian place that has the sanctuary of Alsos as its pride, -which is called Alti- due to Zeus Temple with its golden statue dominating the space, as it was one of the seven wonders in the ancient world.

The workshop of Pheidias, the Pelopion, the Philippi and the Doric Temple of Hera from 1,046 BC should be some of your necessary stops due to their magnificence and their breathtaking beauty.

Afterwards, you should go to the Stoa of Echoes, where even the slightest sound can be heard seven times. This is the last stop before you step into the ancient stadium that had the ability to host more than 45,000 spectators and still is admired by thousands of visitors.

By visiting the Ancient Olympia’s archaeological museum you must take a glimpse of the statue of Hermes of Praxiteles, which is definitely a serious candidate for the most amazing sculpture that has survived from his time.

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A view and a daring dive into Neda waterfalls


Next to the imaginary borders of Ilia and Messinia and very close to the instagrammable beach of Ilia, Neda emerges, along with probably the most popular waterfalls in the Peloponnese.

You don’t have to be a very experienced hiker to walk comfortably in this wonderful place, drowned in plane trees and running waters.

If you are a nature lover, you have to wait till May arrives so you can lay your beach towel and take a risky/bald chance to dive into the icy waters.

If not the view, then a picnic would be one of the best moments of your Peloponnesian trip.

Tip →  Hiking and diving at the waterfalls


Going for rafting in Lousios and Alfeios


Spring is just the right time to enjoy the deep blue waters of Arcadian rivers. If by any chance rafting and extreme sports scare you, then you should know that Lousios and Alfeios are both the ideal rivers, even for your amateur debut.

The descent starts from the Atsicholos bridge, just above the crystal clear watersof the Lousios river. Lush and virgin vegetation, sheer cliffs, natural springs and arched bridges create an unforgettable landscape.

The route ends at the Alfeios river and especially at the legendary stone Cuckoo Bridge.

Tip →  The Castle, the village and the gorge (Lousios gorge)


From Lake Doxa to Lake Stymphalia


The two well-known Peloponnesian lakes are only 25 kilometers away from each other and especially in spring, they are outstandingly beautiful.

Lake Stymphalia – has a huge mythological history from the labors of Hercules - may no longer have water, but still has a wonderful wetland and an amazing Museum of the Environment you should add on your sightseeing list.

Let’s move now from one lake to another and visit Lake Doxa which is probably the most photographed one in Corinth.

Lake Doxa curves under the magical landscape of Ziria and is eerily peaceful. It is also surrounded by a fantastic huge forest, reflecting  a whole range of natural colors.

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Meet ancient Mycenae


Awe, thousands of years of memories, eternal admiration, pride and emotion are the first words that come in mind with Mycenae.

The huge vaulted tombs that have approximately 13.5 meters height, the magnificent view from the palace of Agamemnon, the famous Lion Gate that has stood proud for centuries, the eerie Underground Dexameni, the legendary treasure of Atreus and the all-golden city from which everything started, are Instagrammable snapshots from the great and glorious Mycenae.

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Get lost into Areopolis paths


When it’s late at night and darkness beholds over Mani, that's when Areopolis roads shine. Areopolis is a traditional small village full of cobbled streets and stone-built mansions, which looks like it was taken from folk tales and it seems like the best choice to relax.

A light breeze caressing your face, while the village of Areopolis gives a happy ending to a very difficult day.

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