The experience of Olive Oil Tourism through 3 tips of Peloponnese

A journey from Corinth to Kalamata and to Olympia unravels among olive groves

By Katerina Karsiwti 

A journey from Corinth to Kalamata and to Olympia unravels among olive groves, aromas and tastes and the olive oil tourism is the center of attention as it creates an absolute Greek experience…

This time your trip is going to be different. It will have aromas and tastes, it will unravel among olive groves and it will include a narrative and a tour at 3 tips of Peloponnese where the olive oil experience will be on the spotlight.

You’ll be enchanted by the landscape, walk around family owned groves, learn about the secrets and practices of the Greek olive oil production, enjoy activities that combine in a unique way rural tourism with culture, and be in direct contact with nature and all of its beauties that it has to offer.

Prepare to explore and discover the olive routes which express the olive oil legacy as well as the experience in nature and in history. The olive oil tourism is part of the alternative tourism agenda and it is an entire philosophy, aestheticism and an idea that is worth discovering. 

The beauty of the olive groves gives the landscape a magic touch that reaches history and archaeology.

The scents, the texture and the tastes spread in gastronomy like the roots of the olive tree spread throughout the centuries. Their fruit are sacred, the century old olive trees confirm it and bio archaeology proves it.

The knowledge, the experience and the vision of the olive specialists can offer you an amazing Mediterranean route of olive oil tourism which has the potential to be an incredible tool of development in the field of tourism and gastronomy.



You create the Experience…

Through the Olive Oil Tourism you can explore an entire olive planet, acquire a wide range of experiences and activities and of course get to know the culture around olive oil and the importance of the “green gold” in all aspects of our life, from being part of our nutrition and gastronomy to its benefits in human growth and health.   

This time your travel experience is dedicated to olive oil… It is dedicated to the authentic aroma and the Peloponnesian tastes…


3 tips of Peloponnese will be hosting you…

3 Olive mills of Peloponnese will guide you…


1st Day Corinth: At the Markellos Olive Oil Mill

The 1st Virtual Reality Video in Greece about the Production of Extra Virgin Oil unfolds before your eyes….

In the north east part of Peloponnese, in the area Soligeia of Corinth, you’ll come across a landscape full of contrasts which combines all the elements in a wonderfully harmonious way and shows them to the traveler. You’ll find yourself among vast olive groves that seem to “chat” with the rocky places, the pine forest and the blue sea of the Argosaronic Gulf.   

At this point your olive oil tourism experience will start with a bunch of surprises, as the olive tree route at this particular olive mill counts from 1932 till our days. Here you will “walk” through this experience in “two aspects of time” and your eyes and soul will overlook beyond time.

Have you ever imagined that you could wear a VR mask and watch the production of extra virgin olive oil? If your answer is no, now is the time for this to happen right in front your eyes…

Your guided tour on the facilities can start with the best and most modern standards as you will wear a VR mask and travel inside the first virtual reality video in Greece which was created for the extra virgin olive oil.

You would be able to walk on the family groves, to experience the harvest of the olives with good company, to separate the fruit from the leaves that have an intense aroma and it can entice you.

You will take part in the most important tasks that take place in an olive grove and learn the secrets and the practices as well as watch the production inside the olive mill from the beginning till the olive oil reaches your table. In the bottling section you’ll experience a “product tour through time” and get to know the labels of the section whose entire taste and quality philosophy “visits” your palate.

Through your “introduction” to the products you will definitely learn secrets, while from the olive tasting seminar you’ll acquire knowledge and learn tips to decipher and enjoy the olive oil.

“Returning” from the virtual world your tour from the olive experts will continue in real places this time…

In the end you can try and enjoy the extra virgin olive oil, the olives and olive paste, all products with the signature of Markellos Olive, in a place that will definitely reward you for your choice.

An olive oil tourism experience between “land and sea” will create an authentic culinary and travel memory in Corinth.


website:  Markellos Olive



Our three days trip to Corinth


2nd Day Kalamata: At the Ben Olive Mill

An interactive tour among olive groves and a wide variety of natural products that offer you an experience at a unique green ecosystem…

At Parapougki, a small village of Kalamata, the nature lovers will definitely find a place they want to visit.

Amphitheatrically built at the foot of a mountain, the countless olive groves among cypresses and oak trees paint the Messinian land in beautiful colors, while the traditional house architecture with the famous “hayati” (a covered balcony that is an extension of the interior) transport you into a different time and space.

Based on its topography the Ben Olive Mill gives you the opportunity to plan your tour inside a unique green ecosystem as the idea of combining the olive mill, the olive groves and the products of the land into a unified whole creates a multi-thematic experience in nature.

Your tour adjusted to your personal demands and needs will consist of three parts.

At first you will find yourself at the bio grove so that you would be introduced to the olive growing while you can observe the different kinds and varieties that exist in the grove.

Koroneiki variety olive trees which inhabit the grove along with bee hives, herbs and mushrooms will steal the show and the interaction with them will be authentic and unique.


Later on you will be in the center of the unit and have a taste of how the olive oil is produced, how it is stored and bottled and in the end you’ll learn an important culinary lesson from olives and olive oil, which awaits you accompanied by local hand made products. 

You will live an authentic Messinian experience of olive oil tourism in Kalamata and you’ll “carry” in your suitcase many experiences and aromas from this family estate. The fruity taste of the grove’s Koroneiki variety with its low acidity will “rule” over your taste and help you make your final choice. 



  Ben Olive Mill

  Ben Olive Mill

A dive in beauty and... in History


3rd Day Olympia: At the Koufolias Olive Mill

Let your imagination run wild in the past, present and future. An “outdoor museum” in the area of the olive mill can take you back in time…

Not far from the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia there is the Koufolias Olive Mill where the olive oil tourism experience consists of a “sacredness”. The dense pine forest with the olive groves and the green bank of Kladeos River creates a magic that can persuade even the most demanding nature lover to visit.

Olympia offers a multi-sensory experience as it is located in the heart of nature and of history. Your tour in the history of olive will need your fantasy as you will “run” to the close past.

Since 1970 till today the unit offers its own suggestions to the production of extra virgin olive oil. All you have to do is let yourself in the hands of the olive specialists…

The visit and tour in the area of the “outdoor museum” will transport you into an archaeological story as you’ll see exhibits from the past century, like olive pressing machines in excellent condition. It is a true journey in time in which you will observe step by step how the production of olive oil was taking place.

The storytelling continues with an experiential discussion around the sacred olive tree which in antiquity was a symbol of peace, solidarity and power.

The discussion is also about the harvest and the production of the extra virgin olive oil inside the modern premises. You will be fully informed about the quality categories that exist in olive oil and what differences do they have among them through an interactive culinary lesson that you’ll enjoy with your company.

  Koufolias Olive

Koufolias Olive

Exploring the (not so Wild) West










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