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Monemvasia Winery, G.Tsibidis & Co, was founded on September 20th, 1997 in Monemvasia of Lakonia by G.Tsibidis. This initiative was part of a wider business plan with a clear objective: the revival of the Malvasia wine in its birth place. The  winery covers a number of activities from historical research to vine search, vine growing, wine making, bottling, distribution, promotion and trading.
Malvasia wine

Starting on the 12th century and for the subsequent 300 years, this wine ruled the European world. It is still being produced in many countries including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, even California and Croatia but it is not produced in its country of birth, Greece, from which it took its name - Malvasia - which is the Frankish name for Monemvasia.


Monemvasia was famous from ancient times not only for its privileged location and its well known fortress-castle “Castro”  but also for its “reputed Malvasia wine” produced in the wider area of Monemvasia from which it acquired its name (Malvasia as the Francs used to call Monemvasia).

Building on this unique tradition, Monemvasia Winery, created a modern winery that processes grapes from the area of Monemvasia with knowledge and respect to the history of its region, produces quality bottled wines traded under the names of:



Monemvasia Winery  created the first privately owned 300 acres of vineyards with local varieties such as MONEMVASIA, KYDONITSA, ASYRTIKO, ASPROUDES, MAVROUDI, AGIORGITIKO, LIMNIONA, MOSXOFILERO, RODITIS, MALAGOUZIA.

The area of reference geomorphologically forms the peninsula of Maleas which is naturally leading the mountain range of Parnonas (else called Malevos). It is surrounded on the North-East by the Myrtoo Sea and on the South-West by the Laconian Gulf. The altitude ranges on 0 – 500m.

Thus, it features high solar and wind potential due to its geographical position. The average maximum temperature is 23oC and its minimum is 14oC, annually. The total annual precipitation is 400 – 700mm.

The soil analysis has shown that there are areas characterized by acidic soils and low organic matter without calcium carbonate, or neutral soils without calcium carbonate, from which the wine produced has high or satisfactory level acidity, respectively.

All these factors above constitute a particularity for the area because they contribute to the creation of an ideal raw material for the production of high quality wines, as the grapes ripe early and they are high in content of sugar and acidity.

Moreover, these climatic conditions present an ideal environment for the health of the vineyards whose cultivation is achieved with minimal plant protection interventions (sulfur and copper).

The vine and wine are inextricably tied to the cultural, social and economic life of the people of the region of Monemvasia from the ancient times till today and they are interwoven with all the social events and its traditions.

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