Autumn in Peloponnese is a work of art

Somewhere between our last dives and the first smoke of a stone chimney, between the summer’s sluggishness and winter’s warmth, nature paints, like another painter, the most beautiful tips of Peloponnese with warm vibrant golden, red and orange colors.  

Foloi’s oaks in Ilia dress up in their golden red foliage, making the forest trails seem like fairytale illustrations. Taygetos’ gurgling rivers cross gorges paved with golden yellow “carpets”.

The first fireplaces lit at the guest houses of the mountainous villages, even though it’s not that cold yet, even if what you want more is the atmosphere created by their crunching fire and less the warmth that it offers. 

This atmosphere is what makes you order the steaming cup of Greek coffee at the traditional cafeterias and stroll a little bit more at the nestled on mountain slopes villages. Even if you can’t admit that you are ready to say goodbye to the beaches yet. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to say goodbye.

Because, for the most part of the most transitional of all the seasons of the year, the moment when the leaves start to fall in the forests you can still go diving.

During the afternoons of October,the sun light still warms the pebbles of the beaches of  Mani and in the evening the sun dives in the sea behind the covered in water lilacs dunes of Loutra Kyllinis.

At the beaches around  Nafplio  you can now easily find space to stretch your towel, and in the waters of the Corinthian bay the residents of Attica and the other areas still seek (and find) a bit of summer on their weekends.

This is the magic of the perfect combination of mountain and sea, for which we love Peloponnese so much: That seasons are slipping into each other reminding that, in spite of those who rush to wish “happy winter” from the end of August, time is not crammed in calendar boxes.

It has no fixed beggings and specific ends. Because nature is wise and it knows best. Autumn is the best- and most beautiful- proof of that.


Peloponnese is infinite

Although the options were many, we selected 10 things worth doing and experiencing during the fall  in Peloponnese that include visiting lakes, gorges, lighthouses and traditional villages, among others.

10 things to do in Peloponnese during autumn season


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