All about Peloponnisos is a natural product of the Peloponnesian land

It loves the lace-like beaches of Argolis, the snowy summit of Taygetos, the endless sandy beaches of Ilia, the stone landscapes of Mani, and the secret beaches around Monemvasia.

It stays up all night in the old town of Nafplio and Kalamata, it overlooks the sea from the castles of Corinth and Kyllini, it dives in the lakes created by Neda waterfalls and it has a pic nic in the forest of Foloi.

It wants to learn all the History of Mycenae, all the rules of the Olympic Games, all the battles in Sphacteria and all the wisdom that Nestor left behind in his Palace.

On the pages of our e-guide you will find smaller and bigger secrets for the biggest cities and the smallest villages, for the beaches and rivers, the castles and the people that made them, the forests, the paths, the waterfalls, the monasteries and the small churches, the museums and the sights, which all together comprise the puzzle of this enchanted land.

Whenever you travel, either for a weekend or for all your summer vacations, whatever type of traveler you are, either looking for the most “in” beach with the best beach bar or looking for the most secret, abandoned village in the depths of a creek, we would like to believe that on our pages you will find it. And then you will go discover it and write there your own story.

Because someone once said that Peloponnisos (Peloponnese) is the material from which legends are made. And we think this is true.