Levidi is one of the most important villages in Arcadia, at the hills of Mount Menalo. It is located 25 kilometers north of Tripoli. From there spread beautiful roads towards the picturesque Dara, to Kindila, Vlaherna and Kardara. Also from the ancient Levidi there are roads to Vitina, the archeological sights of Orhomenos and the snow centre of Ostrakinas. The central square of Levidi is alive winter and summer, with the well preserved shops and coffeehouses. From its top you can see Menalo, Artemisio and Helmo. The importance of Levidi and its merchantability are enhanced by its many mansions, made of stone and standing proud in the city. Also ,outside the realty there is the Agricultural School, an important contribution to the place by the great Alexandros Papanastasiou. An important landmark is also the Taxiarxes church with the two clocks, the old and the new. Outside of Levidi there is a church at the east that is speculated that it was catholic of an old church of Theotokos, build on the ancient temple of Diana.



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