In ancient times, today’s Elafonisos was not an island but a peninsula called as it had the shape of a donkey’s jaw. Its name derives, according to a research of Ilias Crupis and Jacob Stamoulis, from the lavish hunting in the area since antiquity. In the area there were a lot of sacred temples of Diana and there were also deer of red color (CERVI). This is supported by the fact that in the statue of Diana, in Louvre museum, holds with the one hand her arrows and with the other a small shaped deer of that kind. According to Venetian myths of the 15th century, Elafonisos is called CERVI and Kythera CERIGO. Lastly, the village opposite to it is called Viglafia, as the name of the deer, and from there is spread across the plain up to Elafonisos together with the lagoon, Strogili. So this name is given as a tribute to the natural observatory of that little, red deer. Simo’s beach is the landmark of the island mostly because of the abundance of colors, the clean water, the natural 10 meters high dunes, the beautiful water lilies and the union of earth and sea in a path that reaches the sky. Elafonisos has a unique natural beauty, remarkable landscapes and beaches, Greek orthodox temples of historic value, important folklore tradition based on the marine tradition of the country, it also has well hidden underwater secrets.



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