Hydra is located between the islands Spetses and Poros, accross the eastern coast of the Peloponnese and is considered the pearl of the Saronic Gulf. The name comes from the abundant water floading from the rich sources in antiquity. It was also named Ydrea. At the right and at the left of the port of Hydra, there are the bastions with canons which protected the island Hydra. On the left side of the harbor, you can see the Coastguard. Next to the Coastguard there is the marble building that houses the Hydra Museum Historical Archives and the famous School of Merchant Marine which is currently housed in the hous of the family Tsamados. The School Merchant Marine Academy opened immediately after the revolution of 1821 and is the oldest Merchant Marine Academy in the eastern Mediterranean. In the late 18th century Hydra became a great naval power with a commercial fleet of 150 ships. At that time the island experienced a great evolution. The assistance of Hydra in the Struggle of 1821 was very important. Although the revolution took place very late (14 April 1821), the island was fully prepared for the war. In this war 130 battleships of 30,000 tons, 5,400 men and 2,400 cannons attended. They possessed unimaginable wealth of gold coins of that time, mainly due to the successful wheat trade during the Napoleonic wars. Today on Hydra the Easter days are very special. You will experience the procession of the Epitaph in Kamini. The epitaph enters the sea when the Lamentations are red creating an atmosphere of devotion. Then four epitaphs meet in the main harbor. On Easter day, Judas gets burned after being 'punished' by the guns of the locals. Nowadays the most important celebration in Hydra are the Miaouleia which are events dedicated to the action of Admiral Miaoulis and which are held each year at the end of June. Hydra is one of the favorite destinations of the Greeks and the tourists.



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