At the entrance of the Argolic Gulf you will meet the historical island of Spetses. In antiquity Spetses was named Pitioussa which means pine tree. This name was used until the early Byzantine centuries. The current name comes from the Venetians who called the island "Isola di Spezzie", which means the scented island because of nice scents of plants. That's how the island was named Spetses. Spetses is surrounded by 3 more islands: Spetsopoula, Agios Ioannis and Mikro Bourboulo. According to archaeological findings, the island was inhabited from the pre-Helladic period. Due to its geographical position in the Argolic bay and its sources, the island was used as a refueling station for ships heading Lakonia and Argolida. You can see different foundings on the island from the Mycenaean times and the early Byzantine period. From the 18th century small and large vessels were manufactures on Spetses. That's how the island acquired great wealth and commercial power. During the Greek revolution Spetses played a leading role. Spetses, together with Hydra and Psara, was one of the first islands that revolted with active participation in the struggle against the Turks. The fleet of Spetses consisted of merchant ships and took part in many naval battles. On the 13th of March 1821 Laskarina Bouboulina raised the flag of revolution on board of the ship "Agamemnon". Today the soul of the island is Dapia, the Revolution Square, where the emplacement of the island was situated with cannons and neoclassical mansions. The most famous site is the Museum of Bouboulinas. It is worth visiting it in order to learn the history and to see the unique Florentine furniture, the wooden ceiling of the main hall, the collection of the weapons and the Mongolian sword, a gift of the Csar of Russia, Alexander I. You can also visit the Museum of Spetses, which is housed in the mansion of Mexis Hatzigiannis. In Kounoupitsa, in a pine environment, you can visit one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Anargyreos and Korgialeneios. The "School" as it is known in Spetses, was one of the best colleges of the island. Lot of people finished this School: artists, scientists and politicians. It operated until 1983, not only with Greeks but also with foreign students. Cars are forbidden on the island, but you can rent a bike or a motorcycle. You can reach the beaches at the north with a little boat or with a water taxi from the harbor.



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