Poros is an island in the Saronic Gulf. Its ancient name was Kalavria. It is located at a short distance from the coast of the Peloponnese and the opposite village named Galatas. Poros consists of two islands, Sferia and Kalavria (kali avra meaning good vibe). Kalavria was originally dedicated to the god Apollo who ceded it to God Poseidon in return for Delphi. It is a much larger city than Sfera. Sfera is a rock of volcanic origin. The two islands are separated by a small canal. The town Poros is built on a small crater. After the revolution of 1821 the first Naval Station of the Navy was created which later became the home of Othonas. Trademark of the island is the historical clock built in 1927. It is visible from everywhere and it is the jewel of the city . In the center of the city you can see the town hall, the Archaeological Museum, the municipal library, the famous hall for exhibitions and cultural events. Worth visiting is the monastery of Zoödochou Pigis, built in the 18th century on a green hillside. Inside the church there is a wooden iconostasis that was painted in Kappadokia in Asia Minor in the 17th century and the Episcopal throne. The beach of Poros has a length of 1020 meters. Poros is known for its great Lemon Forest and is popular because of its short distance from Athens and the Peloponnese.    



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