The Peloponnese is the "hidden island" of Greece.

It is connected with the rest of Greece by the Isthmus of Corinth and the bridge Rio-Antiriou and it is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of seven prefectures, each with its own history and unique beauty.

In Argolis (Argolida) you can experience the magic of one of the best ancient theaters in the world, the theater of Epidaurus. Furthermore you can visit the place where the Atreides lived and walk along the magical streets of Nafplio!

In Corinth you will get overwhelmed by the picturesque villages of Trikala, which is one of the best winter destinations.

In Achaia you will get to know the people of Patra who organize one of the best carnivals of the world. You will be able to relax when visiting the Great Cave and to have fun when going to Kalavrita passing by the village Diakopto with the famous train Odontotos!

In Arcadia you can visit the village of Kolokotronis, the beauties of Menalo and the beautiful beaches of Astros, Leonidio and Tyros!

In Ilia you can visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games, you will wander in the village Andritsena and walk along the waterfalls of Neda!

In Lakonia you will encounter the beauty of Mani and Monemvasia, the unique beaches of Elafonisos and the famous castle of Mystras!

In Messinia you should visit the famous beaches Voïdokilia and Stoupa, but also Polylimnio with its waterfalls and the castles of Methoni and Koroni!

On the island Spetses you can experience the Burning of the 'Armata'!

On the island Hydra you will enjoy unforgettable moments during Eastertime!

On the island Poros you will have the opportunity to relax! But the journey doesn't end here, because ...

the Peloponnese is the best destination.



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